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February 14, 2024

Do more with BigPicture: Introducing developer portal


We’re excited to announce and share the launch of the very first version of the BigPicture developer portal!

Our brand-new Developer Portal is home to BigPicture’s REST API, which enables our customers, developers, and partners to explore all currently available API endpoints and exciting new capabilities you can unlock with them. They enable you to automate different processes related to working with boxes, managing absences, and many more.

BigPicture Developer Portal at a glance.


The portal release also marks a major milestone in our mission of standardizing API calls and making them publicly accessible. Now, any interested user and partner can easily find all the information, including available endpoints and documentation, in one place.

This new initiative is under continuous development, which means you can expect more endpoints to be gradually added based on our users’ feedback. That’s why we would like to encourage everyone to become part of the development process — if there’s a specific endpoint your project would benefit from, let us know!

Meanwhile, take a look at the examples below to get a glimpse into what is currently possible.

GET’ing more for your business: BigPicture endpoints in action

REST API offers an easy yet powerful method for building custom integrations with BigPicture for Jira. Wondering how you can use API for your benefit? Here are a few real cases to give you an idea. 

Manage absences at the organizational scale

A large organization means a high number of employees on board. Say there are over 10,000 employees whose data is stored in a dedicated HR system and BigPicture. The company wants to synchronize the corporate out-of-office calendar in its HR system with existing individual resource absences in BigPicture.

The “Get individual absences” endpoint will allow an organization to extract data on their employee absences from BigPicture. And then sync those absences with the data in its HR system. 

It can also work the other way round – with the remaining endpoints under the “Absences” category; the organization can create new absences, as well as update and delete the existing ones based on their corporate calendar to keep data up-to-date in BigPicture. 

Integrate with external reporting tools

As a director or PM, you might want to import data on your team allocation to the reporting tool you’re using. You’re interested in how specific teams, like Developers, Operations, and PMO, are distributed across specific projects (boxes).

You can easily pull such data from BigPicture with the help of the “Get teams allocated to boxes” call. In this case, API allows you to integrate the reporting tools of your choice with BigPicture. This way, you can compile a comprehensive report based on data from BigPicture and other tools in no time!

BigPicture API reference

Currently, there are twelve (12) endpoints waiting for you to leverage and connect with tools you and your teams are already using. They all follow the REST principles and are completely JSON-based. We grouped them into six categories housing the following REST calls: 


  • Get box hierarchy
  • Create box
  • Duplicate box
  • Delete boxes

Box Types

  • Get box types


  • Get teams allocated to boxes


  • Get resource task assignment for the particular box


  • Get individual absences
  • Add new absence to individual
  • Update already existing absence
  • Delete individual absence


  • Get all existing skills 

All these endpoints apply to the Cloud and on-prem (Data Center, Server) users. They come with simplified API documentation that includes call parameters (request and response) and code snippets. 

The Developer Portal also covers the authentication and authorization tokes, the base URL for all the responses, the API response structure, and the link to standard HTTP status codes that BigPicture uses.

BigPicture Developer Portal – the API section.


Additionally, you can generate request code snippets in several programming languages, including Bash, Java, JavaScript, Python – and many more – directly on the portal.

The list of all the languages in which you can generate the request code.

Next steps: How would you like to extend BigPicture?

We want to empower you through every step of your journey. And public API endpoints are what make that journey possible in the form of automation that is now at your fingertips.

However, the current version of the Developer Portal is just the beginning, and we plan to bring more API endpoints to make BigPicture even more flexible than ever before. And the key ingredient in making it possible is you.

 If you have specific business scenarios or use cases in mind that you believe BigPicture API would help you fulfill, contact support or share feedback and ideas about what endpoints you would like to see on our dev portal.