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January 31, 2024

Next-level program and portfolio management: BigPicture PPM for now available in Public Preview


One of the best things about is how user-friendly it is. Thousands of teams use for task and project management, sales processing, or marketing. But as usage grows, teams are more likely to experience challenges like maintaining visibility, managing dependencies between projects, and aligning everyday work with strategic objectives.

That’s where BigPicture PPM for can help. A true management-at-scale solution, BigPicture adds enterprise-grade program and portfolio-level management capabilities to

BigPicture PPM turns into a single source of truth for all management activities across the organization. Using the app, you can visualize and manage data from multiple boards in a single view. Progress tracking, resource management, or scheduling — you can see all that (and more) from a broader perspective. Best of all, BigPicture PPM is now available in a free Public Preview.

Clear, high-level visibility of entire projects, programs, and portfolios gives you better control over your work. Reliable data aggregation supports fast and fact-based decision-making.

How BigPicture improves program and portfolio management in

BigPicture fully integrates with workspaces and boards, augmenting it with an additional layer of information aggregation, visualization, and control. Designed with scalability in mind, BigPicture PPM for can cover unlimited boards and workspaces, so it can grow organically with your organization. Gather and manage cross-board data without task limits for a holistic view of how work gets done at your company.

BigPicture improves on four areas of program and portfolio management in

  • Project portfolio data visualization and aggregation
  • Resource management
  • Cross-project timeline visualization
  • Cross-board dependency creation and management

Let’s take a look at each area in more detail.

Project portfolio data visualization and aggregation

BigPicture PPM enables your organization to combine and visualize data from multiple boards. As a result, you have quick access to aggregated data on progress, time spent, capacity, and more. Having so much data at hand helps you manage projects, programs, and portfolios in one place — even if your individual teams manage their work on different boards.

A screenshot of BigPicture PPM for showing the cross-project and cross-portfolio data in one place.
An example of the Overview of multiple initiatives: portfolios, programs, and projects. The columns are customizable, so you can add columns with other fields you want to track in this view.

The Overview module provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire portfolio structure, helping you align work across the business.
It’s especially beneficial to larger teams managing multiple initiatives in Plus, the app enables you to organize your portfolio elements in any way you want.

Say you’re a Marketing Director overseeing a portfolio of campaigns and multiple teams — Design, Content, Performance, etc. Each campaign is on a separate board, and there’s no one space in you can see them all.

But using BigPicture, you can combine, visualize, and structure the data from all relevant boards to see the whole scope of the campaign. You can clearly see dependencies between deliverables, so you can monitor the campaign’s progress and address any delays quickly.

BigPicture uses objects, like tasks, boards, workspaces, team members, etc., so everything teams do in is fully synchronized with BigPicture — and vice versa.

Comprehensive resource management

What if you could manage your teams’ availability and workload across the entire portfolio of projects? With BigPicture, you can. Our Resources module enables you to collect availability and workload data from multiple boards, aggregate it, and display it in one location.

The Resources module shows the allocated tasks and capacity for individuals or teams, so you can quickly compare the two values and see which employee has too much (or not enough) on their plate.

A screenshot showing the Resources module in BigPicture PPM for
The Resources module is where you will find all workload and capacity data on the portfolio, program, or project level.


Consider an example. You are an HR manager at a large banking company, tasked with overhauling several programs around hiring, training, and compensation. But each program is spread across various boards and workspaces on

BigPicture provides an above-the-board-level view of these programs. You can easily see how much work your HR reps have allocated, and whether you can add more. You can schedule work based on real-time data.

But better visibility’s only the start. If a team member has too many tasks assigned, you can reassign some in the module using drag and drop or in-line editing, and the allocation values update immediately.

Best of all, everything your teams do in is immediately reflected in BigPicture, so you always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Cross-project timeline visualization

With BigPicture, you can visualize multiple projects and programs on a single timeline. As a result, creating a sophisticated roadmap and getting valuable insights about all initiatives is much easier. The Timeline view shows a high-level overview of each project along with aggregated data.

But the module also allows you to make quick and meaningful changes. For example, if you want to reschedule an initiative, just drag the edge of the taskbar (or the entire bar) to the desired place on the timeline. All tasks in the project’s scope will automatically be adjusted to match the new dates of the project. Rescheduling becomes much easier, no matter the size of your initiative.

Imagine you’re a Product Owner of a mobile app trying to build and maintain a product roadmap. But you can’t create a view with multiple initiatives you manage in Using BigPicture, you can create a timeline view of all the important features the Development teams will work on.

Each initiative can still be a separate board — our app will display them together in a high-level overview on an easy-to-read timeline. And just like that, you’ve got a comprehensive product roadmap based on board data.

A Timeline view in BigPicture PPM for
An example of the Timeline view in BigPicture. Projects, programs, and portfolios are displayed on the timeline and the task tree. You can customize the columns you want to display on the tree. The timeline allows you to move each bar, which will affect its start and end dates accordingly.


If you want to see more detail about each initiative, it’s only a click away. Easy access to all levels of data provides you with more clarity in planning and monitoring the execution of initiatives.

Cross-board dependency creation and management

Managing dependencies is a cornerstone of project portfolio management. To effectively oversee work and make decisions, you need to know how tasks and initiatives are connected.

With BigPicture, you can easily see and manage all dependencies in your project or program. In fact, you can visualize the dependencies of multiple initiatives in one place.

The Gantt module in BigPicture PPM for
An example of the Gantt module in BigPicture. The app visualizes dependencies with lines connecting tasks on the timeline. Clicking each dependency enables you to modify it without leaving the module.


Use the Gantt module to view and manage dependencies of multiple boards. You’ll see the connections between tasks and the number of dependencies for each task. And you can quickly create or modify the existing dependencies on the timeline.

Imagine you’re a senior program manager at a medical software company. As the business grows, seeing the whole landscape of all the ongoing projects and programs becomes more challenging. Especially for the more complex initiatives, timeline tracking and dependency mapping capabilities in can feel too limited.

Adding BigPicture to your stack will change that. The app lets you easily create cross-project and cross-portfolio timelines, so you can present and manage upcoming initiatives with full visibility.

You can map and manage dependencies between items from different workspaces and boards, then neatly visualize them on cross-portfolio Gantt charts. The visibility of cross-project dependencies in one place gives you better control over the connections between tasks and projects.

Thanks to BigPicture’s advanced scheduling engine, any modification to the original plan gets automatically reflected in all the linked work items, giving you a clear, up-to-date view of the situation.

You’ll save time and reduce manual work. And you’ll see the changes and their impact on the Gantt chart immediately. If you need to make adjustments because of delays or resource unavailability, or expedite it due to a faster-than-expected delivery of work, no worries! The entire timeline will be updated to reflect the changes.

Turn into a PPM powerhouse with BigPicture

As the name suggests, our app is all about seeing “the big picture.” Whether you manage portfolios, programs, or multiple projects, adding BigPicture to your stack will help you plan, track, and manage your initiatives more efficiently.

The ability to see entire portfolios improves the clarity of information and company-wide alignment. And if you combine that with comprehensive resource and dependency management capabilities, it’s easier to make the right calls. After all, you’re basing decisions on actual data, not “guesstimates.”

Best of all, while BigPicture PPM is in Public Preview, you can try the app for free. Test the app and share your feedback by reaching out to us via the support portal or by scheduling a quick call. We’d love to know how we can make BigPicture even more useful for you.