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April 03, 2024

BigPicture PPM for now in GA – here’s what’s new


Big news! BigPicture PPM is now generally available for The General Availability (GA) version is a more powerful iteration, so get ready to revolutionize the way you plan, track, and optimize work in

We gathered valuable feedback from users and partners during the Public Preview phase: A massive thank you to everyone who contributed. Your input has been instrumental in shaping BigPicture PPM into the robust, reliable solution we see today.

Here’s a quick rundown in case you’re unfamiliar with BigPicture PPM for Tightly integrated with your boards and workspaces, BigPicture PPM turns into a single source of truth for all management activities across your organization.

Whether you’re a team lead in marketing, sales, or engineering, responsible for keeping your team on track using, BigPicture PPM is for you. Track detailed progress of your projects, visualize cross-board dependencies between work items, manage individual & team workloads — you can do all that and more. All in one place.

Here’s what’s new in the BigPicture PPM GA release:

1. Simplified onboarding experience

Navigating through the first steps in the app is vital. Previously, BigPicture PPM would offer multiple starting points in its Overview module. Having multiple options sometimes caused confusion, especially for those unfamiliar with BigPicture’s concept of boxes. Now, you’re greeted with one simple action: “Connect boards.”

This change streamlines your first steps in BigPicture. Just select the boards you want to connect and you’re good to go.

The “Connect boards” tile offers a more streamlined way to start working with BigPicture.


If you have many team members using BigPicture, we have great news for you. It’s enough for one person to create a BigPicture box – others can simply join and collaborate on the existing boxes. There’s no need to create their own. Simply click the “Proceed without creating” button.

2. An additional layer of information with subitems

The subitems in are great for breaking your work up into smaller, more actionable chunks. BigPicture PPM can now display subitems in the Gantt module, giving you at least four layers (Board > Group > Item > Subitem) to structure your work items.

Subitems provide an additional layer to your task structure in BigPicture.

3. Column mapping is now more accessible

Column mapping lets BigPicture PPM know where your data can be found in board columns. So, it’s a pretty important step to help you get the most out of BigPicture!

We’ve made it easier to map your columns by adding multiple easily accessible entry points. The “Column mapping” menu item can be found anytime via the wrench icon in the context of your box.

What if you have multiple boards connected to a BigPicture box? No problem – you can easily map columns for each board in a single window (for up to 12 boards).

You can map fields even in projects with several boards.


4. Unified item view

The Cards View helps you visualize and manage work items in one compact place. BigPicture PPM takes advantage of this feature by bringing you more relevant data about your items. Instead of three widgets, BigPicture now offers a single unified widget from the Item Views Center.

As a result, you can see the work breakdown structure, dependencies, and required skills for each task in one view — no need to leave the item view screen or click to switch between widgets.

See relevant details like the task’s position in WBS and dependencies in the BigPicture item view.


5. Performance & scale improvements

One of Public Preview’s key goals was to ensure that BigPicture PPM can perform well even in the most demanding and complex organizations. And the dev team knocked it out of the park!

Our testing showed that BigPicture PPM can handle a virtually unlimited number of connected boards, with up to 80,000 items in each portfolio. The app supports your project portfolio management activities regardless of the scale of your teams and initiatives.

We haven’t forgotten about the app’s performance, either. Compared to the Public Preview version, the time to perform some of the most common actions is now much shorter. Creating new boxes, adding items from the Gantt module, or simply moving items around the board is up to 2X faster in the GA version.

For a full breakdown of new features and improvements in the GA release, check out the change log.

Enterprise-grade Program & Portfolio Management

Now available as a fully-featured app, BigPicture PPM brings everything you need from an enterprise-grade PPM solution to We’ve made BigPicture PPM faster, more accessible, and easier to use. We ensured it can support even the most complex environments in

And we’re just getting started. Thanks to amazing feedback from users and partners, many more improvements are coming up. Please share your feedback using the support portal or by scheduling a quick call. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Bringing BigPicture PPM to has been an incredible journey. Thanks for sharing it with us!