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June 22, 2022

Your business needs are a priority. Customize BigPicture to work in your favor

Portfolio-level Management
Product(s): BigGantt BigPicture BigPicture Enterprise
Hosting: Cloud On-prem server

BigPicture 8.5 is now online. This version continues our efforts to make the user experience even smoother, as well as improve accessibility and user onboarding. It also enhances the whole portfolio management process with deeper customization in the modules.

Hop on board with an improved onboarding experience

New to BigPicture? No worries, the onboarding process becomes more intuitive and faster than ever. You can now access the field mapping view right on your first admin launch of the app. When you configure the BigPicture app, you need to map Jira fields onto BigPicture. After that, they will pop up immediately on your first admin launch of the app. Importantly, now you can set your first initiative just by selecting what you want to plan, track, manage, and report on to import relevant Jira projects into the app.

Command center – quicker, customizable, and with more clarity

With BigPicture 8.5, the Overview module becomes much more editable to suit your needs. You can configure what columns will be shown on your Overview module and save your preferred views for future use. If you want to arrange and rearrange your portfolios and initiatives, you can do this with drag-and-drop. All items will end up exactly where you place them, and thanks to the deep integration with Jira, everything will be instantly reflected there.

Admin can also sync timeboxes in BigPicture Board with sprints in Jira Board. Jira Sprints are in bulk, imported as timeboxes to selected BigPicture Board. Sprint creation or deletion in Jira Board automatically creates or deletes timeboxes in BigPicture Board. Meanwhile, users are able to find a task by summary or key, without filtering out any results. They can also plan partial absences (half day off).

BigPicture 8.5 will let all BigPicture users use enterprise-grade templates. Save your time by setting up new initiatives with predefined templates. You can now use 11 templates, remove and add them as you please, and a counter will show you how many more box types can be created in BigPicture. And in case you need a quick glance at the documentation, just use new contextual access to relevant documents right in the app in an instant.

New features for Gantt

The Gantt chart still remains one of the most important tools to track your team’s progress. In BigPicture we understand, how crucial this can be, especially for Hybrid initiatives. In BigPicture 8.5 you can plan and track resource allocation in Story Point on a Gantt chart, as Story Point effort mode is available in Resource Panel.

BigPicture Enterprise – new report type and Jira Cloud integrations

Keen to get the best experience possible? BigPicture Enterprise gets some game-changing features. Firstly, it will support multiple Jira Cloud instances with your BigPicture’s instance. Connecting and managing multiple instances of Jira Cloud in your instance will let you fully see the big picture of your initiatives.

Connecting many Jira Cloud instances is the killer feature for BigPicture Enterprise 8.5. This will allow you to:

  • Define your own Scope definition on one or more connected Jira Clouds.
  • Display Tasks from connected Jira Clouds and manage them in the app modules.
  • Map and set dependencies for connected Jira Clouds.

BigPicture Enterprise will also have a new report type called Plan delay. This report lets you automatically list all overdue work items, that are behind the baseline, and include them in your reports with a few clicks. Just add Plan delay to the Reports module. This way, you will always be up-to-date with the overdue items.

BigPicture 8.5 – the best way to control your portfolio

No matter if your initiatives are set in Agile, Hybrid, or Classic approaches. BigPicture will help you track the progress of your team’s work by the statistics and data you find the most important. New multiple integrations with Jira Cloud instances in BigPicture Enterprise provide an overall view of the organization based on data from many sources, and customizable modules will allow you to plan and track the ongoing initiatives the way you want them.

Interested? Feel free to contact our experts and watch our demo to check the most essential features of BigPicture apps.