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February 05, 2024

Take your PPM reporting to the next level by integrating Dashboard Hub Pro for Jira with BigPicture


Effective project portfolio management requires accurate reporting. To track the progress of a portfolio of initiatives, you need to gather data from multiple projects. BigPicture consolidates the data you need, but Dashboard Hub Pro adds sophisticated visualization: perfect for sharing reports with stakeholders. Combining the two apps is a match made in heaven.

Use both apps to easily create fully customizable dashboards with your project portfolio data. Adding Dashboard Hub Pro to BigPicture takes your PPM business intelligence and reporting capabilities to the next level.

Don’t know Dashboard Hub Pro? Here’s why you want to.

Appfire’s Dashboard Hub Pro for Jira makes business intelligence and powerful reporting easy. The app enables you to visualize data using customizable dashboards. Create a centralized data hub for any type of team and create unlimited reports, whether your organization is big or small.

Present progress any way you want. Tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and can serve as data sources that flow into a single solution for centralized reporting.

An example of a dashboard in Dashboard Hub Pro  by Appfire.
An example of a dashboard with multiple data sources (Jira,, Confluence) in Dashboard Hub Pro.


You can track more than 100 metrics and share dashboards with stakeholders in just a few clicks.

Connecting Dashboard Hub Pro with BigPicture redefines your reporting capabilities. Showcase comprehensive project and portfolio data and share it easily — even with people who don’t have access to your Jira,, Bitbucket, etc.

Benefits of the integration

Fully customizable PPM reporting

Dashboard Hub Pro enables you to create unlimited reporting dashboards. Track any PPM data and display it your way. Progress, resource allocation, cost, priorities, and more — there are more than 100 pre-built metrics to choose from. You can even set up custom formulas.

Use line, bar, pie, and tile charts and tables to visualize your desired metrics. You also have a wide range of data aggregation options.

Example of the integration of Dashboard Hub Pro with BigPicture

Connect Dashboard Hub Pro with BigPicture and create a custom overview of your project and portfolio data in centralized dashboards. Get more control over the reporting in your organization and improve data visibility.

You can also combine multiple reports in a single dashboard. Use templates or create a dashboard from scratch to select the data points and reporting types you want to display.

You can even create dashboards for dedicated use cases and contexts. For example, make an Agile dashboard for all Agile initiatives, or a portfolio dashboard to combine and standardize data from multiple projects and programs. Group reports any way you want.

Agile dashboard with all kinds of metrics displayed and tracked live.
Example of an Agile dashboard in Dashboard Hub Pro for Jira.


A single source of truth for all your reporting

Project teams and managers at all levels use different tools in their everyday work. Connecting Dashboard Hub Pro with BigPicture enables users to visualize progress and resource utilization data from multiple platforms in one place.

The integration creates a single source of information for all PPM-related reports.

Whether you manage waterfall, Agile, or hybrid initiatives, you have plenty of metrics and KPIs to choose from when creating custom dashboards and reports.

Quick and secure data sharing with stakeholders

Dashboard Hub Pro makes sharing reports with stakeholders easier than buying off Amazon. Send dashboards containing multiple reports in seconds.

Stakeholders don’t even need to open BigPicture. And the shared dashboards are dynamic. So, changes are reflected in the shared dashboard if your team updates data between sharing and opening. (More useful than PDF reports, which are outdated the second you create them.)

Keeping sensitive data away from unauthorized users is crucial. With Dashboard Hub Pro, you can protect dashboards with a password. And you can assign or restrict access to make sure that only designated people can view your reports.

Quibckshare in Dashboard Hub for Jira

How to create a custom chart in BigPicture

Dashboard Hub Pro introduces a Custom Charts gadget you can use to configure your reports and dashboards in BigPicture.

The configuration window contains various fields that help you narrow down your data set and customize the look of any chart. Here are just some of the fields you can configure:

  • Data sources: platforms you want the data to flow from, like Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, or, to name a few.
  • BigPicture boxes: projects, programs, and portfolios in your BigPicture instance.
  • View type: the way you want to visualize the data, e.g., a chart or table type
  • Aggregation options, such as sum, mean, minimum, maximum, etc.

Finally, the gadget displays a preview with all the fields you configured, so you can see the end product before you present it to stakeholders.

BigPicture Custom gadget configuration
The Custom Gadget configuration screen allows you to quickly set up fully customizable reports.

Supercharge BigPicture reporting powers with Dashboard Hub Pro for Jira

Combine the comprehensive management capabilities of BigPicture with Dashboard Hub Pro’s incredible reporting visualization powers. Create unlimited and customizable dashboards with reports from multiple data sources. See the scope of projects, programs, and portfolios even more clearly. Share dashboards with stakeholders quickly and securely.

Track anything and present it your way. Start your free 30-day trial and redefine your project portfolio management analytics.