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September 05, 2022

Hop on board even faster. BigPicture 8.7 continues our user-friendly journey

System Administration
WBS & Backlog Structuring
Product(s): BigGantt BigPicture
Hosting: Cloud On-prem server
Version(s): 8.7

BigPicture 8.7 has arrived. This version improves the user onboarding procedure and strives to be even more intuitive and convenient. Meanwhile, the app’s UX and UI design is now polished for your convenience.

In-line editing of task duration and the Assignee field

The duration-based planning in BigPicture apps is becoming more intuitive and time-efficient. You can edit the task duration field right on the Gantt chart in the Work Breakdown Structure columns.

We also reduced the risk of accidental re-scheduling of the project on your Resources module. In BigPicture 8.7, you can re-assign tasks to any Individual without the risk of changing dates. No more overallocated and burdened tasks.

Bigger accessibility of Scope Definition

In previous versions of BigPicture, the Scope definition could be set only within the Configuration window. There was no option to preview or modify scope definition without being redirected there. In BigPicture 8.7, you can open it in a place where defining an initiative’s scope is necessary, like an empty project. Consequently, you can preview your Scope Definition settings and adjust them incrementally.

Set your time ranges easier

When you create or edit a project or whatever other items you use for organizing work in the Overview module, you can set their time ranges by just marking them on the compact calendar grid – the period picker, where you set the whole period instead of start and end date. You can set a date range in one step and only with three clicks! No more flow breaks are caused by creating new items or editing already existing ones.

Better clarity with greyed dependencies

The bigger the project, the bigger the net of dependencies. It can be hard to navigate through these webs of connections. We’re here to help: with a little help of a smart UI tweak, whenever you mark a specific task on Gantt, all dependencies that are irrelevant to that task get greyed out – giving you a neat and clear view of the situation.

Easier and improved user onboarding

Every new version of the BigPicture apps aim to improve the user-onboarding experience. Freshly introduced users can swiftly learn how to use them and adapt them in day-to-day work.

We know the User is more confident about the data if they can see them. Now you can clearly see them in the resource panel on the Gantt module. This way, the user better understands what data is presented in the panel and what it means. If more clarity is needed, in BigPicture 8.7, you can display details such as effort mode, total workload, and remaining capacity of a resource. All of that can be displayed right in the Resources panel of the Gantt module.

Interested? Feel free to contact our experts and watch our demo to check the essential features of BigPicture apps.