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November 22, 2021

One-click Gantt, Board, Roadmap, Resources, Risks views for Jira projects. “Contextual” BigPicture is debuting!

Project Management
Product(s): BigGantt BigPicture
Hosting: Cloud On-prem server

Jira project is just a folder or container for tasks. Jira projects, according to some project managers, miss such standard tools as portfolio view, work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, high-level dependency board, roadmap, or risk matrix. Until recently project managers had to negotiate the steep learning curve of a third-party portfolio management add-on from Atlassian Marketplace, in order to manage projects in Jira properly. The landscape is changing.

BigPicture version 8.2 (and BigGantt 8.2) can act contextually in Jira projects. Click ‘BigPicture’ or ‘BigGantt’ button available in the left context menu of any Jira project. Your tasks speedily populate BigPicture’s or BigGantt’s graphical modules. Little to no setup and hassle. View your Jira project on compelling Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Boards, and more, all within seconds.

Almost no need to set up BigPicture or BigGantt. The configuration work is done automatically.

Get access to BigPicture modules instantly from the left context menu of your Jira project. Skip the learning curve and get your Jira projects up and running quickly. The project manager’s toolset that Jira does not have (and BigPicture, BigGantt do) can intercept the scope of your Jira project on the fly. Beautiful Gantt chart, Roadmap, Scope, Program Board, Resources, Teams, Reports, Calendar, Risks modules are at your service – without the hassle of setting up BigPicture or BigGantt.

You need the new BigPicture version 8.2 for that.

A screenshot of the overview of all the elements of a Jira project in BigPicture
Figure 1. BigPicture Overview launched in the context of a Jira project

By analogy:

Right-click on a file on Windows OS and you can ‘Open with:’ that file from the context menu, right? The same now holds true on Jira. Launch Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Resources, Program Boards, Calendar, and more, from the context of your Jira project. BigPicture will do most of the configuration work, if any is needed, as quick as a wink.

Obviously, the ‘BigPicture’ menu item still sits in your Jira’s main menu. You can, as always, launch the app from there.

How does it work?

When you press that new ‘BigPicture’ button, see figure 1, in the context menu of your Jira project, BigPicture might launch in two ways:

  1. For a first-time launch, BigPicture will only ask you whether to create Program, Classic Project, Agile Project, Phase, etc., and will do the rest.
  2. On subsequent launches, if any BigPicture project or program already covers your Jira project, BigPicture answers immediately with the to-the-point view. When launching BigPicture contextually, unrelated projects you might have in BigPicture portfolio will be hidden, not to distract you.

Upgrade to BigPicture version 8.2 or BigGantt 8.2 and launch professional PPM tools quickly with little to zero setup effort in the context of your Jira projects.

A screenshot of the scope of a Jira project in BigPicture
Figure 2. BigPicture’s Scope (a.k.a. Backlog) module in the context of a Jira project


A screenshot of the creator of custom management views in BigPicture
Figure 4. Launch beautiful project management views from within the context of your Jira project. Available are Overview, Gantt (here renamed Roadmap), Scope (here relabeled Backlog), Board (here renamed Schedule), Roadmap (Goals), Resources, Teams, Risks, Calendar, Reports.