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July 06, 2022

Reap the benefits of multiple Jira Cloud integrations with BigPicture

Product(s): BigGantt BigPicture BigPicture Enterprise
Hosting: Cloud On-prem

In the contemporary workspace, especially within bigger companies, you can easily encounter multiple Jira Cloud instances. It’s pretty common – many people mean many projects and initiatives. Important question is – how can you keep up with so many different sources of data? Well, our flagship tool, BigPicture, has entered a new era and it can help you integrate and follow multiple Jira cloud instances to work and supervise your initiatives more efficiently.

Multiple Jira Integrations

Jira Cloud is one of the most popular tools used for task management. Organizations work in different structures and different Jira instances configurations. BigPicture’s mission, especially with new versions of our flagship tool, is to provide an overall view of the organization based on data from many sources.

With BigPicture you can now connect and manage multiple instances of Jira Cloud right in your “master” Jira Cloud instance – and see the full big picture. You can do it by connecting it to BigPicture via the App Configuration and adding it to the scope.

This solution is especially useful for Project Managers, Project Management Office Managers, as well as stakeholders, and each interested party. They can easily see, which initiatives and tasks are done, in progress, or potentially delayed.

Multiple Jira Integrations – benefits and why it’s important

With the premiere of BigPicture 8.5, we improved the user experience, accessibility, and user onboarding. We also enhanced the whole portfolio management process by making our modules more customizable and implemented the possibility to integrate multiple Jira cloud instances. This isn’t solely for the purpose of more convenience in day-to-day use. This integration has huge business benefits.


Imagine your company works with a different one on a common program or project. You can set alignment meetings to keep track of progress for every interested party, but that happens each 2-3 weeks. Many things can happen during that time, especially unfortunate ones, like delays or scope changes. In case when cooperating companies use the separate Jira instance, you can use BigPicture 8.5 to allow team members to see each other tasks. This way they are up to date with workflow and potential conflicts or mirroring their initiatives. In case of any doubts, they can look up to corresponding Jira and ensure the team members are working on proper items and tasks.


Another scenario in which this BigPicture feature is useful is when a big company has many contractors, each working on a different aspect of one project. By connecting their Jira instances into one tool, the company can easily observe, how every part of the project develops. The program manager has a full view of each and every part of the project. They can easily pinpoint potential delays and hiccups, as well as coordinate the contractors’ work efficiently.


Multiple Jira instances are also within one company – especially the bigger ones, with many branches and teams. Multiple instances of Jira in one company are usually connected with performance and security issues – keeping one, enormous Jira instance can negatively affect the way it works (mostly by being slow), as well as it’s not entirely safe. Keeping all your tasks and initiatives in one place isn’t recommended – in case of a crash, all your data might be gone. No wonder there are usually more Jira instances. With BigPicture you can coordinate your work with different teams and branches and observe the progress, or, as a PMO, you can supervise these teams and their tasks.

Connect Jira Cloud to BigPicture

We have prepared a full guide to walk you through the configuration process. You can find it right here.

BigPicture 8.5 – a perfect choice for better work

The ability to connect multiple Jira instances in one tool is one of the most important features in BigPicture 8.5. It allows teams to better communicate and coordinate their work. Avoiding potential scope creep and crunch is also crucial – the more people know, the better and more efficient they can work. BigPicture will save your time managing portfolios, programs, and projects and give you a better understanding of initiatives, and help you make decisions that align with your strategic goals.