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Mar 08

Better computing services with BigPicture

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Company: Coriant

Industry: networking solutions

Location: Naperville, IL, USA; Munich, Germany

Product: bp_blog


Coriant develops hardware and software for optical transmission in the backbone network of voice, data, and mobile networks. Coriant’s end-to-end portfolio of open, disaggregated, and software-driven solutions provides the resilient foundation for the largest and most demanding networks in the world. Enhanced by multi-sided platform partner innovations, Coriant solutions span a wide breadth of applications, including 5G/LTE, DCI, metro and long haul transport, IoT, and MEC.

Rafael Ferraz, Head of the Software Defined Networking program development team at Coriant Portugal, based in Lisbon, led the introduction of BigPicture and its enterprise-scale extension, BigPicture Enterprise, into the Jira development environment of Coriant, used in project management of large multi-national software projects within the field of telecommunications. Alfredo Brites, Head of the Network Management Systems PMO team at Coriant Portugal, supported the introduction of BigPicture.

“We use the Jira environment extensively for software project planning and follow-up. In the context of our Software Defined Networking development project, we have for some time felt the need for a tool that could provide project chronogram and resource under/over allocation tracking functionality in a Jira-integrated fashion. In our current release, we have adopted BigPicture Enterprise to provide this functionality, with very positive feedback from the teams.

We believe BigPicture Enterprise boosts the accuracy and efficiency of our project management work and look forward to using the plug-in in future releases and extending its usage to other programs as well.

It is now much easier to plan and follow up on our project, thanks to BigPicture Enterprise. Team leaders find it faster to plan teamwork using the plugin and visualization of project status by management is much more straightforward.

The main motivation for choosing BigPicture was the need for standard project management support functionality (chronogram, allocation check) in a Jira-integrated environment. Before BigPicture, this was a cumbersome and time-consuming activity. BigPicture usage allows us to perform project management in a more efficient and accurate manner. It is now in place in one project and we are looking forward to expanding its usage.”

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Marcin Nowak, Head of Design at SoftwarePlant