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BigGantt 8.3 is here

Discover new features and improvements!

New authentication method to our non-public REST API

Your management data security is paramount to us. That’s why with version 8.3 we are introducing a new API connection authentication method that will protect your data against CSRF attacks more effectively. From version 8.3 on, every API endpoint requires a special token to authenticate the connection.

To keep using our non-public API after upgrading to version 8.3, you need to adjust all your custom automation flows, non-standard reporting solutions and other connections so that they meet the new authentication requirements. Please mind that this change applies exclusively to Server and Data Center instances of our products and have no impact on Cloud instances whatsoever. We recommend upgrading on-prem instances of our apps to version 8.3 only after adjusting API connections to the new requirements. Learn more…

Should you have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

BigGantt is getting…

easier to use and more accessible

easier to use and more accessible

more powerful in Portfolio Management

more powerful in Portfolio Management

1. Greater ease of use and accessibility

1.1 Planning comes easier than ever

New in-line editable fields

Display and in-line edit information crucial for effective planning

You can now display indicators such as Estimates, all Jira dropdown fields or Priority in the columns of your Gantt WBS panel. Moreover, you can in-line edit them, while planning work or whenever needed. Last but not least, in-line editing is also available in Overview.

1.2 Scope and dependency management no more a challenge

Collapsing task groups and easier dependency management on Gantt

Collapse all task groups, sort and easily manage them on your Gantt charts

BigGantt has been augmented with new grouping and creating dependencies capabilities. You can easily collapse all task groups, sort collapsed tasks and manage dependencies between them, all to get a clear view of the elements that matter in a given context.

1.3 Yet another step towards greater accessibility

Shareable views and links

Share BigGantt views with others by simply sending them relevant links

If you need to share a specific BigGantt view with someone, you can now simply generate and send them a link. They will get the exact same view that you’re looking at. 

Copying Quick Filters from Jira boards

Copy your Jira Quick Filters directly to BigGantt

Now, you can filter your tasks in BigGantt based on Quick Filters that you set for your Jira boards by simply copying them directly to the app.

2. New portfolio management features

2.1 Financial management enters BigGantt

Financial columns in Overview

Add a financial dimension to your portfolio-level view

You can add and fill in manually columns that are critical for effective management of the financial side of your initiatives, such as budgets, estimated costs, actual costs. You can assign values to specific initiatives (e.g. projects) as well as to work items they consist of, and neatly aggregate the values at the initiative or portfolio level. 

2.2 More customization and easier reporting

Customizable portfolio-level metrics in Overview

Adjust your portfolio-level metrics to the management approaches used within that portfolio

As different things matter in different types of initiatives, you can now customize your portfolio-view columns in the Overview module to reflect those changes and get instant access to relevant indicators.

Filters for Jira & Confluence gadgets

Show exactly what you want to show in Jira & Confluence gadgets

Now, the data from your Gantt that you want to present in Jira and Confluence gadgets can be filtered using both regular and Quick Filters.