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BigGantt 8.5 has just gone live!

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BigGantt is becoming…

easier to get started and use

easier to get started and use

more flexible and customizable

more flexible and customizable

1. Improved onboarding and greater ease of use

1.1. Getting started with BigGantt is easier than ever

Field mapping screen on the first admin launch 

Access the field mapping view right on your first admin launch of the app

Tasked with configuring BigGantt? First, you need to map Jira fields onto the app… and now the field mapping screen will pop up immediately on your first admin launch.

Easy-start wizard for new app users

Start using BigGantt just by selecting what you want to do

New to BigGantt? No worries! You’ll set your first initiative just by selecting what you want to plan, track, manage, and report on to  import relevant Jira projects into the app.

Contextual quick help is always at hand

Get instant help thanks to the contextual in-app documentation bits

Sometimes, immediate access to the relevant parts of product documentation can save you hours. Now you get instant contextual access to relevant documents right in the app.

1.2. Your management command center is getting more customizable

Configurable Overview column views

Display only the data you need and want to see

Configure what columns of your Overview to show. And save your preferred views for future use – to easily access the big picture view of your business you want whenever you want.

Drag&drop management of the Overview structure

Structure and restructure your portfolio in the most intuitive way

Arrange and rearrange your portfolios and initiatives by simply dragging and dropping items across the Overview module. Everything will be instantly reflected in your Jira.

1.3 Finding items is now more intuitive

Snipe to task

Find your searched tasks in context

Searching for specific tasks in BigGantt is becoming easier and more intuitive. The items you search for are now highlighted and displayed among other items, so you never lose the context.

1.4 BigGantt is getting even more agile-friendly

Story Point effort mode available in the BigGantt Resource Panel

Plan and track resource allocation in story points… on a Gantt chart!

If you use Gantt as an agile roadmapping tool or for timelining hybrid initiatives, now you can display the estimated and actual work effort expressed in story points right in the resource panel.

2. Greater flexibility and customization

2.1 Custom indicators are available in the Overview module

Custom columns 

Define custom columns relevant to your business

Every business case is unique and so are the metrics and indicators you might want to attach and track. Now, you can easily do so by adding your own custom columns based on strings, numbers, dates or estimations.