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BigGantt 8.6 has just landed!

See what’s new

This release is all about greater intuitiveness and convenience in daily use

1. Date changes are now trackable and reversible

Change log

See and understand the history of changes made in your Gantt charts

Coordinating complex initiatives is becoming way easier. Now, you can track every change in every work item’s dates and date ranges and immediately understand the situation.

Undo option

Reverse changes easily

Now, date and date range changes that you apply by drag-and-drop moving or resizing items on your Gantt chart can be easily reversed by clicking the Undo button. The button gets activated whenever you carry out an action that can be reversed. Convenient, isn’t it?

2. We are introducing significant UI improvements

Hide greyed-out tasks

Manage tasks on Gantt with greater clarity

Be it a classic project plan or high-level agile roadmap that you’re working on in BigGantt, now you can achieve a neat, informative view by hiding all irrelevant (filter-based greyed-out) items.

Bulk-moving of tasks

Move multiple tasks all at once

This UI improvement is here to save you a lot of time when editing your Gantt charts. You can move multiple items at once and they will all get updated in line with the system’s scheduling rules. Fewer repetitive actions – more time for actual management.

3. Resource management is getting yet more time-efficient

In-line editing of individual resources

Assign tasks to individual resources directly in BigGantt columns and task-detail cards

Now, adding an individual resource as a task assignee as well as editing the assignee field in the task description can be done in-line – right in the columns of BigGantt.