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BigGantt 8.7 is out!

Explore the next batch of enhancements and improvements focused on ease of use and flattening the learning curve for new users.

Bettered UX & UI

In-line editing of task duration

Conduct duration-based planning more easily

In most cases, telling how long a task will take is necessary to define the actual start and end date. That’s why duration-based planning in BigGantt is becoming more intuitive and time-efficient. You can edit the task duration field right on the Gantt chart (in WBS columns).

Greying out irrelevant dependencies

Navigate dependency networks with greater clarity

While working on projects with a vast dependency network, you need to know how every single task is connected with other items. Thanks to this smart UI tweak, whenever you mark a specific task on your Gantt chart, all dependencies that are irrelevant to that task get greyed out – giving you a neat and clear view of the situation.

Handy period pickers

Set time ranges of your projects and other initiatives in just three clicks!

Why click five or more times when you can get the same result in just three clicks? When you create or edit a project or whatever other items you use for organizing work in the Overview module, you can set their time ranges by just marking them on the compact calendar grid – the period picker.

Contextual access to scope definition

Access the Scope Definition screen in contextually relevant places

Scope Definition screen – the one where you specify what range of tasks is included in an initiative – is becoming more accessible. Now, you can open it in all those places where defining an initiative’s scope is necessary, like an empty project. Consequently, you can preview your Scope Definition settings and adjust them incrementally.

Easier first steps

Allocation insights in the Resources panel

Monitor resource allocation in a more knowledgeable way

Numbers on color-coded cells of BigGantt’s Resources panel have always been an enigma to new users. Now, you can display details such as effort mode, total workload and remaining capacity of a resource right in the Resources panel – by simply clicking on the cell you want to investigate.