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How do BigGantt users judge the app?

Asked where to seek BigGantt reviews, 99% of users would likely say: on Atlassian Marketplace. Surprisingly there is another resource, namely BigGantt Service Desk, which reviews are somewhat hidden. They do, however, cast a new light on the most popular Gantt chart plugin for Jira. Let’s look at sample reviews from both sources and let’s check how valuable are they.

BigGantt is the most popular Gantt chart app for Jira. At the time of writing other Gantt chart apps lag far behind BigGantt, as far as the numbers of active instances are concerned, with BigGantt nearly three times as popular as the next available competitor. So let’s look at how do users rate BigGantt.

Jira BigGantt reviews


Resource 1: Atlassian Marketplace

While the Review tab of BigGantt listing on Atlassian Marketplace delivers valuable insights into BigGantt, be aware that this is a somewhat biased source. The problem is that a good part of these reviews were written soon after a user had begun using an app. That would be ok with the majority of Marketplace plugins, which are simple enough/feature a single functionality, but things begin to complicate with comprehensive, configurable apps, such as BigGantt.

Still, the majority of BigGantt reviews on Atlassian Marketplace resemble the below examples:

BigGantt vs Microsoft Project review


BigGantt review

Atlassian Marketplace is one of the two primary sources of BigGantt reviews. Read about the other one below.


Can you see the “Try it free” button? When you have to pay for something, you tend to commit to that thing. When it’s free, you are also free to give it up at any point. We believe this is the main reason for negative comments, which we occasionally receive. Furthermore, we suppose had the reviewers contacted our support team, they would have always posted a positive review. Why do we think so?

Resource 2: Service Desk Satisfaction tab

There is this hidden place where we collect BigGantt reviews, namely the Satisfaction tab of our Jira Service Desk. Who does drop reviews here? Those who committed to BigGantt and either they had to ask us for technical help or they requested a new feature. Unlike Marketplace, a five-star rating system is in force here, and the tab is normally visible to our staff only. But today we lift the veil of secrecy…

BigGantt SoftwarePlant Service Desk reviews

The reviews left by those, who used BigGantt support in the last 3 months. 4.5 stars out of five on average.

  • Compare the 100 Marketplace reviews of BigGantt we received during the years of the app’s market presence to the 287 reviews our helpdesk received in the last three months.
  • Those who e-mail our helpdesk are mostly advanced and determined project managers.


The numbers speak for themselves. BigGantt is the leader in the Gantt charts for the Jira market. The more BigGantt reviews you read, the more you realize that the level of integration with Jira is one of the strengths of BigGantt. While BigGantt integrates with Jira out of the box, it is also extremely configurable and adaptable to various real-life situations. Users sometimes need to contact our support team at the initial stages of their love affair with BigGantt. Those who did rate the helpdesk well, such as Daniel:

BigGantt helpdesk rating

Daniel wrote a review of our support team.