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BigGantt vs. BigPicture. Obvious choice?

Big Picture vs. BigGanttIt’s seemingly pretty obvious: BigGantt is a Gantt chart and BigPicture is a Gantt chart + roadmaps, resources, risks and more. Both are apps for Jira and it’s usually BigPicture that better suits large organizations. Ok, so can I finish reading here? Warnining: there is more to the BigPicture vs. BigGantt battle.

Things begin to complicate when you realize that companies of today – and perhaps your own organization too – increasingly embrace Agile. If you deal with Scrum, SAFe® or you divide your work into Sprints, it’s likely that you need more than just BigGantt. So even though BigPicture, in theory, suits large companies, it turns out that it’s also good for those who are agile. And apparently the majority of organizations that use Jira, have a mixed agile/waterfall project environment. So the truth is: most of those undecided, even smaller enterprises, should go with BigPicture.

Nevertheless, let’s go deeper into details.

Table 1: BigGantt vs. BigPicture

BigGantt BigPicture
Program manager (will become [Boxes] in future) yes yes
Roadmapping (planning) module yes
Scope yes
Agile board
– covers a few upcoming iterations and Program Increments; has dependency arrows between tasks; recommended by SAFe®
Gantt chart module yes yes
Work Breakdown Structure yes yes
Risks module yes
Resources module yes
resource pane in the bottom part of the Gantt chart. It has capacity planning and non-working days feature, but workload&holiday plans and skills are absent.
yes yes
Extensive, standalone resource module with capacity planning, skills, workload&holiday plans. That simplified resource pane at the bottom of Gantt chart is also present in BigPicture. Documentation
Teams module yes
Reporting (quickly check how much work remains to be done; in the Gantt chart) yes yes
Reports (a standalone module, with drillable pie, column charts and spreadsheet-like reports) yes

For who?

Theoretical client (very roughly, really) a project manager with Microsoft Project background who needs no revolution, but values the ergonomics of Jira Small, medium, large enterprises – practicing waterfall, agile or mix. Project managers with/without MS Project background
Planning horizon short- and medium-term both short-, medium- and long-term

Project management paradigms / methodologies

Agile (Scrum & Kanban) yes
Based on Jira Agile sprints, BigGantt can create parent Sprint tasks on Gantt chart with sub-tasks that belong to that sprint.
SAFe® yes
Waterfall yes yes


Works with Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk

Business data & Pricing

Launched 2015 2014
Jira Server, 100 users, Atlassian Marketplace $1250/instance $2000/instance
Jira Cloud, 11-100 users tier, Atlassian Marketplace $1.25/user/month $2.8/user/month
Available through Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Solution Partners Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Solution Partners
Developer SoftwarePlant SoftwarePlant
Atlassian Top Vendor? yes yes

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Is the Gantt chart module identical in BigPicture and BigGantt?

No. The Gantt chart module slightly differs BigPicture vs. BigGantt.

Since BigPicture has the whole roadmapping module, and that thing is absent from BigGantt, the Gantt chart in BigPicture is capable of displaying sprints and tasks from the roadmap. The former are visible as green and violet vertical bars on the below picture; the latter – as the concentration of tasks marked with green marker.

Other than that the Gantt chart is identical in BigPicture and BigGantt. It has work breakdown structure, or WBS (the left part of the below image), unlimited hierarchy of tasks, dependencies between tasks (those arrows loved by PMs), baselines, markers, milestones, dragging&dropping as well as sync and re-sync with Jira, to name a few.

Gantt chart in BigPicture

Pictured is the slightly more developed Gantt chart of BigPicture. The vertical violet and green bars stand for cadences of the roadmap sprints. And the densely populated area marked with green marker contains tasks imported from the BigPicture roadmap. Other than that the Gantt chart module is identical in BigGantt and BigPicture.


Can I turn off selected modules in BigPicture?

Yes. For simplicity and to ease the learning curve you can hide selected BigPicture modules, on a project basis.

You might, for instance, hide the resource module in your “Business Development” program/project, once you’ve decided you wouldn’t manage resources in that project. Or, in your “Build a new warehouse” project, you might turn off all the modules except for the Gantt chart to merely supervise external contractors who would be taking over the construction site one by one.