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BigPicture 8.8 has just gone live!

The next tranche of enhancements is here. It introduces further UX/UI improvements and brings all the great stuff from our previous release to Data Center and Server hosting models.

Enhanced clarity and intuitiveness

Gantt: Drag-and-drop timeline navigation

Move your Gantt timelines like they were tangible objects

Navigating vast timelines is becoming truly intuitive in BigPicture. You can simply “grab” the chart by pressing your primary mouse/touchpad button and move it freely till you find a view that works best for you.

Gantt: Out-of-sight tasks featured in the dependency dialog

See all incoming and outgoing dependencies regardless of filtering or cross-initiative connections

Task filtering is the best way to ensure the clarity of a complex chart. But sometimes, the items you want to see are connected with filtered-out items that are not visible on the chart or with items that are part of another initiative. Now, even if the related items are hidden due to a filter or live elsewhere in the portfolio, you can see all such connections right in the dependency dialog.

Gantt: New keyboard shortcuts

Jump between the top and bottom of your chart and likewise move tasks in no time

Thanks to the new keyboard shortcuts, you can jump and move tasks to the top (cmd/ctrl+shift+↑) or bottom (cmd/ctrl+shift+↓) of your chart in a blink of an eye. No more “endless” scrolling!

Improved ease of use and customizability

Risks: Drag-and-drop customization of the matrix

Map and manage risks your way

Every manager has their own way of mapping risks, and for every organization, a slightly different approach is more adequate. Now, you can configure all the columns and rows of your risk matrix by simply dragging and dropping the labels in the Risks module’s configuration panel.

Risks: Warning about the use of inactive swimlanes

Easily ensure that all your risk items are synced with Jira

As the risk matrix is becoming easier to customize, ensuring that all your risk items are properly linked with respective Jira issues is becoming more important than ever. Now, if some of the swimlanes of your risk matrix are not synced with Jira, you won’t be able to drag and drop tasks in those swimlanes and will get notified about it instantly.

Resources: Contextual hints

Manage resources with more clarity

Thanks to contextual hints, you can instantly understand why things are as they are in your Resources module. A task cannot be edited? An action cannot be performed? Just read the hints to understand the situation in a blink of an eye.

All the great enhancements and improvements from version 8.7 are now available also on Data Center and Server!

Learn what changes from the Cloud are becoming available to on-prem users.