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Apr 10

BigPicture Enterprise 2019: Cloud version and more pro-PPM features

Jira Big Picture Enterprise new logoEven though Project Portfolio Management is gaining momentum in Jira environment, very few apps from Atlassian Marketplace mention that sought-after ‘PPM’ acronym. One of them is BigPicture Enterprise, a portfolio-level solution, and it’s undergoing major improvements in 2019. Let’s see what’s changing.

(1) BigPicture Enterprise Cloud version

Until recently BigPicture Enterprise has been available for Jira’s ‘Server’ and ‘Data Center’ hostings.

BP Enterprise 2019 is finally available for the increasingly popular ‘Cloud’ hosting. The BigPicture Enterprise for Cloud launch has to do with the new and higher 5k Jira Cloud user count (up from 2k), that Atlassian had made available in Fall 2018, as well as with the 25% increase in Jira Cloud performance index.

Google “New 5k User Limit and Other Cloud Updates” on Atlassian Community for more. Keep note of some feature discrepancies between BigPicture Enterprise Server and Cloud versions. For instance, BPE Server integrates with Tempo for Jira (Timesheets, Planner and Budgets), while BPE Cloud doesn’t.

Read more on BP Enterprise for Jira Cloud

(2) New Board 2.0 and the PI-level sync with Jira

The new Program Board 2.0 brings a higher level of planning to agile teams. You can now plan work on the agile board at the Program Increment level, in addition to the iteration level. ‘Program Increment’ is a SAFe® term, but if you are into another project management methodology, remember that BigPicture has always balanced between waterfall and agile, so you could adapt that second, higher level to your needs.

Our resellers and long-term users might notice that ‘regular’ BigPicture (version 7.2 onwards) is getting the Board 2.0, too. How much better is the new agile board in BigPicture Enterprise then? The Enterprise version can ‘inform’ Jira that a task has been added to the board on the PI level, while ‘regular’ BigPicture can’t. In other words, you can set up a custom ‘Program Increment’ field in your Jira that will reflect the fact that a task has been added to the BigPicture’s program board on the PI level.

The regular BigPicture can exchange information with Jira, too, but only on the lower, iteration level. Typically, our clients map that information with the Jira ‘Sprints’ field.

Program board, PI level, dependencies

Board 2.0 is available as of BigPicture 7.2 and BigPicture Enterprise 2.2. The Enterprise edition is capable of notifying a Jira custom field of your choice that a user has added a task to the board on the higher, Program Increment level.


(3) ‘Box revolution’: portfolios, programmes, projects, stages and other configurable containers

Perhaps the most profound change in BP Enterprise in 2019 is the ‘box revolution’. Until now ‘Programs’ made the top level of portfolio management in BP Enterprise. Within the new [Boxes] component that will replace the Program Manager of today, you’ll have the predefined ‘portfolio’, ‘program’, ‘project’ and ‘phase’ containers (boxes) available, both in regular BigPicture and the Enterprise edition. The Enterprise version will add two more qualities to the new [Boxes] component, though:

  • you’ll be able to modify those predefined boxes,
  • you will be able to create your own box types, such as ‘Collection of portfolios’, ‘Plan’, ‘Semester’, you name it.

Read more on [Boxes] in regular BP vs. BP Enterprise


Project portfolio management in Jira BigPicture, boxes

The new Boxes module in BigPicture. BigPicture Enterprise, however, will facilitate modification of the predefined ‘portfolio’, ‘program’, ‘project’ and ‘phase’ boxes, as well as building your own species.



The new BigPicture Enterprise (including Cloud edition and Board 2.0) is to debut in Spring 2019. Watch for BigPicture Enterprise ver. 2.2 on Atlassian Marketplace.

The [Boxes] component will debut later in 2019. Expect it in BigPicture version 7.5 and the related Enterprise version.


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