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Jan 25

BigPicture Enterprise helps Kongsberg Spacetec conquer the universe

Kongsberg Spacetec AS or KSPT, is a supplier of ground stations used to measure and observe the cosmos, as well as communication with spacecraft. They literally help humanity discover the vast universe, and BigPicture Enterprise in turn helps them work efficiently.

Spacetec folks wanted to avoid double book-keeping. They have recently started using JIRA for tracking all project tasks and needed to plan their projects in time and maintain dependencies between tasks, for which MS project was tried before. All tasks need to be in JIRA for the teams to process them. Keeping the project plan in MSP and JIRA in sync required work – Spacetec was simply looking for a tool where tasks are defined in one place and used both for execution via team backlogs and for project plans.

All processes related to planning projects, keeping track of progress and reporting to management were migrated to BigPicture. The company representative deemed them high in priority for the whole organization.

“Support is exceeding expectations. Product is stable and easy to use. I believe we will increase our use in the future and that BigPicture has potential for being a big part of our project handling”.
Ken Rune Nielsen, Kongsberg Spacetec AS


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