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Nov 19

Holiday plans with Extra working days. A new feature in BigPicture

−We have a working Saturday this week. How to arrange this in BigPicture/BigGantt, so that Resources and Gantt chart take note of this extra day?

Starting BigPicture 7.4, and BigGantt 4.2, you’ve got the handy ‘Extra working days’ feature available in Holiday Plans. If your organization decided to work on some unusual day, such as Saturday, Sunday, Christmas, or Labor Day, then a Jira BigPicture Administrator has an option to add this extra day to the working schedule.


Holiday plans, extra working day, Jira Big Picture


Go to BigPicture > Administration > Holiday Plans > Details > Edit details. This is the so-called business administration, so typically a Jira admin role is not necessary. Even regular team members will find the Holiday Plans view accessible.

In the above example, notice how two Saturdays in February – the 16th and 23rd – have been designated ‘Extra working days’ in the Default Holiday Plan. Also, notice the New Year’s Day fixed holiday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day floating holidays.

Now, how to inform BigPicture on how many hours do you work on the extra business Saturdays of 16th and 23rd February? Go to BigPicture > Administration > Workload plans, locate the workload plan(s) used by those team members who are going to work these two Saturdays, access Details of the plan(s) and define working hours, such as 9 to 5, or 9 to 1 for Saturday and possibly Sunday, too, as is the case in the below figure. Otherwise, BigPicture won’t increase the capacity of the affected team members1. Of course, you need to have Saturday and Sunday checked as ‘typically’ non-working days in the Holiday plan(s), as evident in the above screenshot, to its left.

1 BigPicture 7.7 and on does that for you, namely it sets 8-hour business Saturday and Sunday, in the default workload plan – for freshly installed BigPicture only, and not for the existing instances.

Workload plan BigPicture, business Saturday, Sunday

If your team members occasionally work Saturdays and/or Sundays, set some business hours in your workload plans on Saturday and Sunday. Correspondingly, set ‘usually’ non-working Saturday and Sunday in the Holiday Plan(s), as evident in the first screenshot.


When to use multiple holiday plans?

Now, what if your enterprise has a subsidiary overseas and you deal with distributed or dispersed teams? Then you’re going to have several holiday plans, as pictured below.

Multiple holiday plans, BigPicture Jira

You’ll generally add Holiday plans on a country basis. Note, that the holiday plan imported from Tempo, BigPicture Enterprise required.


Holiday plans vs. Vacation/Absence Plans

Holiday plans are not to be confused with absences or vacations. A rather large group of people, such as teams/individuals that are located within a country, should share a single holiday plan. Absences, on the other hand, cover ‘exceptions’ to the holiday plan, namely sick leaves, maternity leaves, and individuals’ vacations. Set absences by going to BigPicture > Administration > Resource manager > [an individual’s name] > Absences.

An individual's absences. Resource manager BigPicture Jira

Resource manager of BigPicture. Plan individuals’ absences here.



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