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BigPicture LIVE Feed. What’s new?

What new features did we add to BigPicture in 2019? What are the developers currently working on? What’s new in BigPicture 8? What’s scheduled for 2020? BigPicture project management app for Jira and Trello is evolving. Let’s discuss the recent updates in detail…

2020 – 2021

What’s new in BigPicture 8?

  • mature Portfolio management, that is an all-new Overview module with [Boxes] and portfolio-level reporting. The new module replaces the current Program Manager. More
  • teams can keep the tools they love, such as Trello. Since you can connect Trello to BigPicture 8, these teams enjoy the portfolio management and reporting in BigPicture. Read more.
  • new Gantt chart 2.0 (initially available on Jira Server and Data Center; later on Cloud)
  • Scenarios, a.k.a. sandbox mode. The what-if scenarios let you create and test ‘alternate worlds’. You could later delete these alternative schedules, leaving the production timeline untouched. Or, you could commit to one of them. More
  • a new Calendar module
  • right-click context menus. More
BigPicture 8 portfolio-level reporting

Increase visibility to Stakeholders with the new ‘Overview’ module and [Boxes], available in BigPicture 8.

Calendar in Jira BigPicture

The new Calendar module in BigPicture 8.


BigPicture 7.5 – Multiselect, Performance, and more

BigPicture 7.5 (Sep 2019) delivers:

  • Multiselect feature – Shift-click and Ctrl-click finally begin to work within BigPicture – see the illustration below – read more
  • Performance improvements – certain sync operations in BigPicture and BigGantt are now 1,5x to 4x faster – read more
  • Programs got custom icons and colors
  • Lots of other features and improvements, especially in Board module
  • Dozens of bug fixes
  • Read the complete list for BigPicture and the corresponding BigGantt
Multiselect tasks Scope module of BigPicture

The new multi-select feature in BigPicture 7.5.

BigPicture 7.4 – long awaited features

BigPicture 7.4 (August 2019) brings:

  • A new formula for progress bars – ‘Time tracking (Spent)’ – more
  • ‘Quickly find the right assignee for a task’ feature – more
  • ‘Extra working days’, such as a business Saturday or Sunday – more

BigPicture 7.3 – Reports

BigPicture 7.3 (July/August 2019) brings:

  • entirely new Reports component – more
Doughnut Chart in Jira BigPicture 7.3

BigPicture 7.2 – the most significant release ever

BigPicture 7.2 (June 2019) has brought:

  • Board 2.0
  • inline editing
  • the new Auto bottom-up and Auto top-down task modes for the Gantt chart
  • improved Roadmap, Resources and Scope
  • more
version 7.2

BigPicture Enterprise Cloud and improved PPM on Server/Data Center

One of the very few PPM apps on Atlassian Marketplace brings three major changes in 2019:

  • BP Enterprise Cloud version in addition to Server and Data Center
  • a new Board 2.0 that features PI-level sync with Jira
  • a new [Boxes] component with customizable portfolio, program, project and phase containers

What’s new in BigPicture Enterprise 2019?
BigPicture Enterprise goes to Jira Cloud

BigPicture Enterprise logo greyscale


BigPicture (Gantt chart) for Trello

BigPicture has long been a Jira app, but this changed in 2018. One thing is that our Gantt chart was made available for Trello in 2018.

Another thing is that you’ll soon be able to manage both Jira and Trello tasks within a single BigPicture program. Unite Jira and Trello under one roof, not just integrate, says the CEO of SoftwarePlant.

Add BigPicture to your Trello

BigPicture for Trello

Updates done to the Gantt chart component

apply to BigPicture and BigGantt

  • ASAP links – the most awaited feature of BigPicture/BigGantt in 2018. Test your sequence of tasks against various delay periods and then get them back to the original position with a mouse click. Read more
  • The new compact Resources pane below the Gantt chart – check docs. Until recently you’d have to switch over to the dedicated Resources module, which, quite obviously, remains available in BigPicture.
  • You can now map the synchronization of Start/End dates between BigPicture and Jira for each Jira project independently. Why?
    • various departments might need different mapping set-ups in their own projects – check docs
    • if you use Jira next-gen projects, read this
  • The new ‘Work ratio’ field, that you can add to your column set. It’s calculated as Time spent / Time calculated. For instance: 3 hours / 2 hours = 150%
  • Starting 2018 you can add the same column more than one time to the left pane, or work breakdown structure of the Gantt chart module. Why? Imagine some parent task with five subtasks. For instance, you might want to add the ‘Status’ field to the view (1) with no aggregation, and (2) with MIN function
Jira BigPicture Gantt chart

The entirely new Scope module

Here is how to go about it:

  • Having multi-level hierarchy across your projects? Sub-sub-sub-tasks? If you use agile/kanban, you probably don’t need the Gantt chart, but you do need the Scope module.
  • Or: are you in the initial stage of your project? The Scope module is the place to decompose your epics into smaller chunks of work.
  • Read more on the Scope module
Scope module, work breakdown structure

The Board is finally the board

and not the roadmap.

  • In 2018 we released the SAFe-compliant roadmap for Jira Server. So the Board in BigPicture is finally what it should have always been: an operational management tool, keeping in sync with Jira.
  • We’ve added the ‘Precise alignment’ feature to the Board. How does it work? When you source a task from the Gantt chart for the next two-week iteration, you can now choose to ‘sprinkle’ that task evenly over the entire iteration, regardless of that task’s time estimation and planned dates. More in docs
Jira BigPicture program board


  • In 2018 we released the roadmap for Jira Server. It was available for Jira Cloud before
  • It’s SAFe-compliant. Non-SAFe PM’s can obviously use it, too
  • We added the Business Value calculation (Menu > View > Achievement > Count by Business Value). PBV is Planned Business Value, to be entered during a Program Increment planning, and ABV is Actual Business Value, to be filled once the PI is completed. More in docs
  • The same Agile schedule is now being used for both the Board and the Roadmap. You don’t need to maintain two separate schedules any more
Jira BigPicture SAFe roadmapHow is the Business Value ratio calculated? (10 + 5) / (6 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 4) ≈ 71%


  • We added the entirely new Team-centric view in 2018. You can now observe the capacity and allocation of the whole teams, and not only individual team members. More in docs
  • The new Remaining capacity feature. Highly requested by our users! It works in the heatmap mode (green – a resource is underallocated, yellow – properly allocated; red – overallocated).
  • Make the resources chart super readable with the new Show/hide feature. Rather than having zeros across the chart, hide fields you’re not using (Menu > View > Show allocation / Show capacity / Show remaining capacity). You can also quickly hide rows with individual tasks, to check how under- or overallocated a team is in a given day, week or month.
  • The brand new Skill panel and Skill widget.
Resources in Jira BigPicture. Capacity, skill panel


  • Starting 2018 the risk card is configurablemore on that.
  • We’ve added the Heatmap mode. To enable automatic coloring of risk cards click Menu > View > Heatmap mode.
  • The tabular Risks register, with configurable column set, was added to BigPicture. It’s location is directly below the Risk matrix  (Menu > View > Show table).
  • You can now add a new risk card by clicking the “+” on any container of the risk matrix.
Risk matrix in BigPicture Jira 2018

Data Center approval

We are one of the first Atlassian Marketplace vendors to have gotten the Data Center approval. BigPicture and BigGantt are Jira Data Center ready.