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Jul 31

5 things you need to know about BigPicture for Trello

93 power-ups for Trello are available as of July 2018. Why might you benefit from the 94th, namely BigPicture for Trello? When is BigPicture arriving? Is big change for Trello users around the corner?

Painting BigPicture for Trello

Painting Trello BigPicture logo.

Trello positions itself on the “simplicty” end of the market. How about if you’re a small businesses that eventually grows out of a local market? With dozens of team members and numerous concurrent projects you might suddenly realize you are too big for Trello. So has the time come to give up Trello and negotiate the learning curve of Jira? Not necessarily.

There is a middle-of-the-market solution, namely BigPicture for Trello. BigPicture enriches your Trello instance with Gantt charts, an extremely popular project management technique in enterprises who have crossed those “100 tasks” or “10 team members” boundaries.

What are the five things you need to know about BigPicture for Trello?

(1) BigPicture is free

Although Trello is a buckshee world, this status quo might be about to change. It has to with Atlassian having taken over control of Trello. Even today you need to pay for many mature power-ups. We have, however, no plans to charge for BigPicture.

(2) BigPicture is connected with Jira ecosystem

Jira vs. Trello is like a B787 vs. a glider. Both can fly, but aren’t these slightly different flights? We’ve initially developed BigPicture for Jira. Jira users pay for it and as a by-product you can now use this mature app in Trello.

(3) BigPicture is probably the biggest power-up for Trello

Our chief developer examined quite a number of Trello power-ups and we dare say: BigPicture is one of the most advanced and fully-developed apps for Trello, even in the “Gantt charts” league.

(4) BigPicture is a power-up (!)

Not all Trello extensions are actual power-up’s. This is especially true with Gantt charts, with the majority of them not being power-ups (compare). A power-up is an “official” app for Trello. A power-up likely better integrates with Trello than its “non-power-up” counterpart.

(5) BigPicture unites Agile and Waterfall

If you don’t care, that’s fine.

Agile and Waterfall are mainstream project management concepts, with Agile perceived as “modern” and Waterfall – “proven”. Trello is more Agile than Waterfall, still the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2017® shows how 89% of world’s business still needs Waterfall to a certain extent.

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