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Jun 23

BigGantt and BigPicture used to improve Korean healthcare

Sometimes even we are surprised as to what cool things are achieved with our tools. Recently one of our customers, K-Healthwear, migrated from BigGantt to BigPicture and in the process we managed to do a great case study!

K-Healthwear is a company studying and developing innovative healthcare, located in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. It is a start-up company founded by KAIST alumni. The key members of the organization have majored in designing a bio-medical semiconductor and system during their graduate school. They manufacture wearable electronics and sensor circuits that connect to a big data Cloud service.


FireShot Screen Capture #035 - '채용 - K-Healthwear' - www_k-healthwear_com_recruit

Before installing BigPicture, they were users of…our other product, BigGantt. It provided plenty of functionality and easy interface. However, while the Gantt charts were great, some additional features started to become more and more desirable.

As K-Healthwear develops their products – hardware and software, the schedule and progress are constantly managed. For software development, the Agile development methodology is used. BigPicture is expected to support to manage the agile process and sprint easily and instinctively. 4 teams (or 20 regular employees) is the current user base, though this is growing rapidly.One team is business supporting team and 3 other teams are research and development teams. BigPicture is mostly used within research and development teams. Each team consists of one project leader and 3-4 project team members.


“I thinks BigPicture is a good tool for project manager to deal with the projects. It is not only to visualize the schedule in gantt chart, but also to provide useful gadgets and pages such as risk and resource management

We have used the JIRA and Confluence tools since 2015. As I began to use JIRA, I looked for add-ons to deal with our project. Because I used Gantt chart during graduate school, I found BigGantt and it was wonderful. Now I wanna change it to BigPicture that is even more wonderful than BigGantt.”

-Taehwan Roh, representative of K-Healthwear.

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