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Jul 17

BigPicture vs. Tempo Planner. Two Giants compared

BigPicture and Tempo Planner are both planning apps for Jira, but they differ more than one may imagine. Tempo Planner is great for “preventing resources from being wasted”, while BigPicture will help you “get a complex project done”. Tempo Planner keeps its eye on “squeezing” teams while BigPicture delivers… yes, the big picture of your organization to help team members complete high-level goals.

For predictable and repeatable circumstances, Tempo Planner delivers in spades, whereas BigPicture is a proven project management tool for both standard projects and multiplex undertakings.

Table 1: BigPicture vs. Tempo Planner

BigPicture Tempo Planner
In a nutshell All-in-one Project Portfolio Management app for Jira for short- and long-term planning, tracking progress and managing teams. For both agile and waterfall projects. One of the triad: Tempo Timesheets – Tempo Planner – Tempo Budgets. Tempo Planner is a resource-biased app aimed at “squeezing” resources and short- and long-term planning.
Key phrases reach goals, align teams, effectively supervise/manage/control involved projects or portfolio of projects estimate task, capacity of a team, plan work, maximize efficiency


Roadmapping (planning) yes yes
SAFe compliant roadmaps, with drill-down feature for various planning horizons
use Team Timelines as roadmaps to visualize short- and long-term priorities
Dependency board yes
Gantt chart
including milestones, markers, baselines, dependencies between tasks
Risks yes
Resources yes yes
Teams yes yes
Work Breakdown Structure yes
Up to BigPicture 6 WBS is present within Gantt chart module; in BigPicture 7 WBS is a standalone module.
Reporting yes yes

Resource planning

Skills (roles) yes
further developed in BigPicture 7
Capacity planning yes yes
Story points yes yes
Create teams of Jira groups yes
Find available team members
filtering by roles, availability
Put cost rates on roles yes
Workload plans yes yes
Holiday plans yes yes
Multiple workload and holiday plans per resource yes
Member/team capacity reporting yes yes

Selected functionalities

Visualizing app? yes yes
Sync- and re-sync with Jira yes yes
Track progress of projects/programs yes  available with Tempo Budgets
Focus on short-/long-term planning both short- and long-term more short-term than long-term
JQL filters yes
Dependencies between issues (e.g. task A blocks task B) yes yes
Drag&drop tasks yes yes

Project management paradigms / methodologies / levels

Project/program-level management yes yes
Portfolio-level management yes available with Tempo Budgets
Iterations (Scrum) yes yes
SAFe® yes

Team and program levels up to BigPicture 6; starting BigPicture 7 portfolio level, too.

Waterfall yes yes

Import/export features

Integration BigPicture <–> Tempo yes
Big Picture Enterprise (an extension of BigPicture) integrates with Tempo Planner, Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Budgets. BigPicture with Enterprise add-on can display Tempo teams, resources, roles, workload schemes, holiday schemes.
Tempo Planner/Timesheets/Budgets are not capable of accessing BigPicture data.
Supported file types mpp, mpx, pdf, jpg, png, xml, csv, xls, xlsx, doc, docx (with BigTemplate – an extension of BigPicture) csv, xls, xlsx, pdf, “print” (printable view)
Sample import/export features With BigTemplate, an extension of BigPicture, you can export an entire project in MS Project native mpp/mpx formats or export individual issues to pdf, jpg, png files. You can also import MS Project mpp/mpx files. Export/import plans from team timelines to csv files.

Requirements & platforms

Works with Jira Software, Jira Core, Data Center, Service Desk Jira Software, Jira Core, Data Center, Service Desk
Jira Server / Cloud Jira Server & Cloud
BigPicture Enterprise – Jira Server only
Jira Server & Cloud
Tempo Budgets – Jira Server only
Mobile app yes

Business data & Pricing

Launched 2014 2014
Jira Server, 100 users, Atlassian Marketplace $1500/instance $1500/instance
Jira Cloud, 11-100 users tier, Atlassian Marketplace $2.5/user/month $1.5/user/month
Available through Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Solution Partners Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Solution Partners
User rating (stars) 3.4/4 2.5/4
Developer SoftwarePlant Tempo
Atlassian Top Vendor? yes yes

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Effort was made to gather accurate data, but these apps are to a large extent incomparable. Data is current at the time of writing. Help improve the table – e-mail marketing (a)


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