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Effectively manage your projects, programs, products, and portfolios, neatly visualize complex processes and interdependencies, smartly allocate resources, and automate laborious tasks.

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The world of management is complex and intricate, especially in the face of digital transformation. A tangled network of interdependent tasks, a variety of methodologies, and a diversity of tools used on different levels can overwhelm even the most experienced managers. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

With BigPicture, you’ll optimize your work, boost results, and save precious time. Your product, project, and portfolio management (PPM) will turn into a walk in the park, making room for soft aspects of management, prompting creativity, and building a culture of innovativeness.


Build any portfolio structure, including sub-portfolios, programs, projects, stages, SAFe® ARTs, LeSS Requirement Areas, and more. Regardless of methodology, you can easily optimize your work and track progress on both high and granular levels.


Plan and keep track of all your tasks in a single workspace. Whatever methodology you work in, you can tailor the Gantt module to your specific needs and see your undertakings on any granularity level. The module is so flexible that it can serve not only as a standard visualization tool for Waterfall projects but also as a powerful hybrid and agile roadmapping solution.


Plan and report with ease, whatever your methodology. With features such as task structure, multi-level hierarchies, quick filters, or advanced aggregation, management becomes easier and more effective than ever.


Plan for multiple teams and on multiple levels, whatever your preferred agile framework. BigPicture supports Scrum, SAFe®, LeSS, and more, allowing you to work on a level of various timeboxes, such as iterations, Program Increments, or whatever meets your unique requirements.


Establish clear objectives, monitor their progress, and communicate their status by color-coding. Shift the focus from developing features to achieving the desired business outcomes.


Analyze the availability of your resources (teams and skills), assign and schedule particular tasks, and update capacities automatically.


Keep everything tidy and organized on a visual matrix. Thanks to BigPicture’s Risks module, you no longer have to use sticky notes to keep track of sensitive tasks falling behind schedule.


Calendar module allows you to monitor and manage all your initiatives directly on the customizable grid. Add, filter, search and edit data, and have it all automatically synced with your data source.


Aggregate and neatly visualize data in just a few clicks. The Reports module comes with five fully adjustable drill-down charts that show your tasks’ progress, assignees’ workload, or summaries of your issue statuses.

(Re)arrange your Work World with Boxes

Discover Boxes –  universal, multifunctional, deeply customizable management spaces for tasks, deliverables, resources, risks, and… other Boxes. With Boxes, you can organize all your projects, programs, products, teams, or even entire portfolios into various collections and track them in a standardized way. You can neatly visualize and effectively manage work in your preferred Agile, Classic, or Hybrid methodologies all in one place. On top of that, you can build a fully-customized Box hierarchy that reflects your organization’s portfolio structure and workflow. Put merely, Boxes give you unprecedented clarity and control.


See a detailed and easily explorable big picture of your entire organization.


Monitor progress of your undertakings at all levels.


Integrate BigPicture with external tools. Jira, Azure DevOps (TFS), Trello, Google Calendar (coming soon)—you name it.


Define your own Box types to meet a wide variety of business needs on any management level. Use ready-made templates for all leading methodologies or customize them just the way you see fit.


Let us know what kind of a Box you need as we are continuously developing the system for your maximum advantage!

Go enterprise!

BigPicture is outstandingly robust, flexible, and scalable. However, some large organizations might need more than that. This is where our Enterprise solution comes into play.

No matter how many teams, goals, or deadlines you’re managing, stay on top of your game with BigPicture Enterprise – providing even more sophisticated infrastructure, numerous additional functionalities, integration with TEMPO, and more.

BigPicture Enterprise Overview

Explore our resources to take full advantage of the App’s capabilities. Find out how to make the most of its functionalities, learn best practices, and harness the full potential of BigPicture.

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Premium training

If you wish to expand your knowledge beyond our free webinarsdocumentation, and video tutorials, see our paid training offer (both on-site and online) tailored to your company’s individual needs.

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Partnership Program

We are committed to developing and supporting Partnerships. We offer a special Partnership Program and provide the tools for our Partners to effectively promote our products.

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