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Aug 07

BigTemplate vs. Xporter. Jira export plugins compared

Compare Jira apps, apple, orangeAtlassian Marketplace is abundant in export plugins for Jira.  BigTemplate and Xporter are current leaders – the two boast the largest numbers of active installations. Sure, both of them can export issues from Jira to custom pdf, docx and xlsx templates. They are, however, noticeably different – in terms of functionalities, pricing, and their roots.


Table 1: BigTemplate vs. Xporter – Export issues from Jira

BigTemplate Xporter
In a nutshell Export individual issues, issue sets or complete projects. Import complete projects.

Export individual issues and issue sets.

Business data & Pricing

Launched 2016 2011
Jira Server, 100 users, Atlassian Marketplace $500/instance $1100/instance
Jira Cloud, 11-100 users tier, Atlassian Marketplace $1.25/user/month $2/user/month
Available through Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Solution Partners Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Solution Partners
User rating (stars) 3/4 3.9/4
Active installations as of Feb 2020 (according to Atlassian Marketplace) 2845 2961
Developer SoftwarePlant Xpand IT
Top Vendor yes yes


Predefined templates yes yes
available through template store
Custom templates (uploaded by the user) yes yes
Support for custom covers and static sections for multiple issue export yes
You can always export a set of issues to a csv file and then import that csv file to, say, Excel with custom ‘static section’ in it.
Permission schemes – define templates separately per… (a) project

and (b) per roadmapping, Gantt chart, resources, risks modules – with BigGantt/BigPicture installed

(starting BigTemplate version 3.0)

scope, project, issue type, project roles and users
A customer can export a ticket from Service Desk yes
pdf, docx, xlsx
pdf, docx, xlsx
QR code on a template yes yes
Workflow Post Functions – Save and Email Report yes
Scheduled reports – schedule reports to be sent by email yes
Jira Server only
External File Servers – reports can be sent to an ftp or Confluence server yes

File formats supported

pdf yes yes
docx yes yes
doc yes
odt/rtf yes
txt yes
xlsx yes yes
xls yes
csv yes yes
html yes
xml yes yes
json yes
jpg yes
png yes
svg yes
mpp (Microsoft Project) yes
mpx (Microsoft Project) yes

What can you export?

Issue yes yes
Selected issues (search results) yes
with BigPicture/BigGantt installed
All issues in a project/program yes
with BigPicture/BigGantt installed
Gantt chart yes
including the hierarchy of tasks. With BigPicture/BigGantt installed
Scope [?] yes
including the hierarchy of tasks. With BigPicture ver. 7 and later installed
Roadmap yes
with BigPicture installed
Specific fields from the following Jira apps ScriptRunner for Jira Checklist for Jira
Gliffy Diagrams for Jira
Insight – Asset Management for JIRA
Issue Alternative Assignee
JEditor – Rich Text Editor for Jira
Jira Misc Custom Fields
nFeed – External data in custom fields
Structure – The Issue Organizer
Table Grid Editor (iDalko)
Tempo Timesheets
Xray Test Management

What can you import?

Microsoft Project file (mpp/mpx) yes
complete project – tasks and their structure

Technicalities / platforms

Works with Jira Software, Jira Core, Data Center, Service Desk Jira Software, Jira Core, Data Center, Service Desk
Jira Server and Cloud yes yes
Support for scripting language yes
Support for external tools BigPicture
(export structures, such as Gantt charts, roadmaps from these tools)
MS Office Word Add-in
MS Office Excel Add-in
(build templates with them)
Export API yes

Try free

Try free

An effort was made to gather accurate data, but these apps are to a certain extent incomparable. Data is current at the time of writing. Help improve the table – e-mail marketing (a)

Use cases

(1) Set up a simplified asset management process. Simply create a new Jira project to search, aggregate and manage your inventory, while still having the ability to print beautiful documents as a physical copy with a single click. ~SoftwarePlant/BigTemplate

(2) Why not make employees ask for and receive holidays as Jira tasks, and then just print the official leave paperwork immediately and be done with it? No more circulating empty documents via e-mail, with multiple versions, lost formatting and missed deadlines. ~SoftwarePlant/BigTemplate


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