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Dec 09
Dec 07

Portfolio Resource Management: Theory and Software

Availability of resources is one of the defining factors of the organization’s capability to reach objectives. However, using them to their full potential is impossible without proper management. Fortunately, some portfolio resource management processes support the effective verification and allocation of assets. Read the article to learn about managing the... read more →
Dec 05

Getting things done: managing complex projects in Jira

A female surrounded by multiple gears.
Managing complex projects can be an overwhelming experience. But instead of seeing it as a challenge, you might consider it an opportunity to grow professionally. With a bit of patience, proper planning, and the right tools, you can bring order to chaos and showcase your managerial skills. Today, we would... read more →
Nov 30

Jira Reports: Is There a Better Way?

The cover image for the Jira Reports article.
Being able to report the progress of initiatives swiftly is a vital pillar of project management. It helps stakeholders keep track of ongoing projects and oversee the larger picture of company efforts. While Jira reports are popular among teams worldwide, there are things the software could do better. Fortunately, the... read more →
Nov 28

Performing bottom-up planning with BigPicture for Jira

A man runs up the stairs holding a Jira issue card.
Planning is one of the most important aspects of a successful management process. But it is becoming increasingly difficult as the complexity of the undertaking grows. Consequently, project leaders often face multiple issues they need to solve simultaneously. This is where the choice of the right planning comes into play.... read more →
Nov 23

Scrum Roles – the Full Breakdown

Three characters representing three Scrum roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Developer.
Over the years, Scrum has become the prevalent Agile framework. Its application reaches far beyond the software development industry. While team members contribute to improving the product together, there are some notable distinctions within the Scrum roles. If your organization is undergoing digital transformation, this article will help you understand... read more →
Nov 22
Nov 16
Nov 13

Jira Gantt chart for project management

A lady carrying a taskbar as a flag.
A Gantt chart is a great project management tool in many ways. It is visual, informative, and easy to understand. You can even use a Gantt chart in Agile projects. Yet, not all project management software support it natively, including Jira. But it does not mean you are stuck with... read more →
Nov 09

Project Roadmap in Classic Initiatives

Before a Classic project starts, it needs a go-ahead from the stakeholders or executives. However, for that to happen, you need to present the initiative's proposal. And for that purpose, there is no better tool than a project roadmap. It’s also useful in other situations, so it’s worth a closer look.... read more →