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May 23
May 18
May 11

Kanban vs. Scrum. Who wore it best?

Kanban vs Scrum
Scrum and Kanban - the two similar frameworks. One was popularized by Japanese car manufacturers around the 1950s. The second came around the beginning XXI century to take the IT world by storm. But which one is better? Is it even measurable? As usual, every framework provides different solutions to... read more →
May 09
May 04
Apr 27
Apr 27

Gantt chart in Agile – how to make it work?

Gantt Agile
It’s hard to imagine a more Classic (Waterfall) tool, than the Gantt chart. Conceived over a century ago and is still a very popular tool these days. This roadmap is a staple of linear project planning. As times change, so does the Gantt chart - it can be successfully implemented... read more →
Apr 21
Apr 06

Jira time tracking: How to do it (better)?

What is so great about time tracking in project management applications? First, they can help you replace guesswork with math to make project delivery estimates more accurate. Second, they enable you to draw necessary insights which you can use to boost productivity and healthy workflow. And third, time tracking is... read more →
Mar 30

Project Portfolio for beginners

Many companies work on more than one product. Usually, these products contain big pieces of work that are divided into smaller, more manageable chunks, often called projects. Each manager deals with more than one project, so it’s no wonder they group it into portfolios. A project portfolio is one of... read more →