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Jan 17

BigPicture modules explained. A “sequence” of modules matches your workflow

Jira Big Picture modules
BigPicture has nine distinctive modules plus the Overview "umbrella" module on top of them. Users can disable/enable individual modules on a per-initiative (e.g. project) basis. Let's have a closer look at all 10 modules. Good news! Both BigPicture and BigPicture Enterprise boast the very same set of ten project portfolio... read more →
Jan 12

Product Backlog – everything you need to know

The importance of backlog is something you cannot underestimate. All the features, whether key or minor, should be included within it. Yet, the backlog is so much more than just a to-do list. Let’s dive into Product Backlog aspects. What is a product backlog? The backlog is a well-defined list... read more →
Jan 10

BigPicture administration / configuration explained

BigPicture administration configuration explained
BigPicture is so flexible and scalable that it has three "levels" of configuration/administration. And there is logic to it. The app's initial "one-time" configuration is separated from everyday business administration. That's because the former belongs to a Jira admin, while the latter to project managers. Further down the chain of... read more →
Jan 05

9 reasons of product failure

Product Failure
Everything was set! A carefully planned roadmap, a backlog full of specific items, teams, and stakeholders on the same page - yeah, this product was meant to be a great success. Then why wasn't it at the end? Why did it flop? It shouldn't have, right? Well, unfortunately, failed projects... read more →
Dec 23

We are changing for you – SoftwarePlant is now BigPicture! 

We are replacing the SoftwarePlant brand with the all-new BigPicture commercial brand derived from our flagship application BigPicture - the leading Portfolio, Product, and Project Management system for Jira. The ongoing transformation covers all the applications from Appfire’s PPM category - BigPicture, BigPicture Enterprise, BigGantt, and BigTemplate. Read on to... read more →
Dec 15
Dec 08

Everything you need to know about Product Roadmaps

Building a quality product requires some solid preparation. It’s good to mark the progress and keep all interested parties up-to-date throughout the whole process. Once the product is complete, we can look back and reassess what threats or errors delayed the work. That’s the reason why so many companies rely... read more →
Dec 06

BigPicture versions. How to read them? What does ‘ver. 8.1.10’ mean?

BigPicture versions, upgrading software, stepping up
What information does the version number of BigPicture carry? Say, BigPicture ver. 7.5 or 8.1.13 – what does the first, second, and third number in the sequence mean? Is each consecutive version available from Atlassian Marketplace equally 'good'? How to upgrade to a higher version and is it always free?... read more →
Dec 02
Dec 01

What do you lose with poor Resource Management?

Some managers do keep track of resources, while others don't. The 'to do or not to do resource management' decision is as simple as whether the benefits offset the costs and hassle. Obviously, it is problematic to "calculate" whether the whole resource management thing will eventually pay off. Let's check... read more →