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Jun 27
Jun 24

7 Best Jira Apps for Project Management

Jira is the preferred work management tool for thousands of teams worldwide. However, users can tailor the software to other use cases, with project portfolio management being one of them. To expand Jira’s capabilities swiftly and safely, you can install third-party apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. With over 5,000 apps... read more →
Jun 22
Jun 20
Jun 15
Jun 13
Jun 08

Manage distributed teams

Office work has never been undergoing such a deep transformation. Office workers are not so eager to come back to their cubicles. Instead, they pressure companies to allow them to work fully remotely or hybrid - breaking weekdays between work office and, well… regular office. The struggle is real. 2022... read more →
Jun 06

Jira Issue Links and dependencies management

Dependencies indicate the relationship of one task to another in a logical sequence. They help to visualize the order in which you need to proceed with the issues and estimate the timeframe for them. Identifying and estimating dependencies can be challenging but so can be finding the tool that will... read more →
Jun 03
Jun 01

How to build your authority?

build authority
Throughout the generations, leaders used many ways to convince people to do their biddings. Some reigned through fear and terror. Others bribed people into submission, and others used their compassion and empathy to make people follow their steps. No matter the means, these people always strived for one thing -... read more →