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Mar 08
Mar 03

The reflection of a Sprint Retrospective

A mirrored reflection of a finger, the fingers are touching. Implies the title: The reflection of a Sprint Retrospective
If you have finished your Sprint, it is time for a reflection on it. That is what Sprint Retrospective is. But before we get into the details, let’s quickly recap. We have previously covered the planning stage of a Sprint, which is the Sprint Planning process. We’ve also discussed Daily... read more →
Mar 01
Feb 22
Feb 17

Sprint Review under the microscope

A lady looking into a microscope
Before we dive into a description of a Sprint Review, we should recap. In previous articles, we have gone over the basics of Scrum Events. We have explored the planning phase, that is the Sprint Planning session and learnt more about a Daily Scrum meeting. So, to quickly summarize, the... read more →
Feb 13

Improve daily WBS management with BigPicture

A Work Breakdown Structure is an indispensable project management tool. Whether you work in a Classic or Hybrid approach, it can help you visualize, structure, and oversee the project scope. Easier daily WBS management is one of many reasons why organizations use project management tools to oversee initiatives. Work management... read more →
Feb 08

What is JQL? Exploring the world of Jira Query Language

A man walking through a labirynth searching for a Jira issue
If your Jira instance is filled to the brim with projects, issue types, or assignees, finding specific information quickly can be challenging. Fortunately, Atlassian’s tool comes with various search capabilities. The one that stands out is called Jira Query Language (JQL). It’s a highly competent tool that makes finding a... read more →
Feb 03

Daily Scrum: A beginner’s guide 

A group of people next to a clock and assorted cards represeting progress
As you already know from our previous article, a sprint is a set timeline (usually 2 weeks long) which is used as a guideline for the completion of a project or a part of it. The sprint planning progress aims to set the Sprint Goal and Sprint Backlog. During the... read more →
Jan 30
Jan 27

Introduction to Hybrid project management

A woman combining two pieces of a single element, which symbolizes Agile and Classic project approaches
Predictive and adaptive approaches are complete opposites. Not so long ago, managers had no choice but to apply one or the other to deliver projects. Organizations benefitted from the strengths and lived with the weaknesses. Over time, this thinking has evolved into another option – the Hybrid project management approach.... read more →