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Nov 26

BigPicture Cloud now integrates with Tempo

The users of Jira Server and Data Center have long benefited from the Tempo - BigPicture Enterprise integration. The new BigPicture Enterprise 8.2 makes the interface available to Cloud users, too. The synchronization covers workload schemes/plans, holiday schemes/plans, teams, team members, and roles/skills of Tempo Timesheets/Planner/Budgets and BigPicture Enterprise. With... read more →
Nov 24

BigPicture Gadgets Leap Forward. New Roadmap Gadget. Gadgets make it to the Cloud

BigPicture gadgets make your projects presentable in a read-only mode to stakeholders (management, shareholders, employees, clients, etc.). The five BigPicture gadgets - Portfolio overview, Gantt chart, Roadmap (new!), Risks, and Calendar - are embeddable in Jira dashboards and Confluence. Gadgets were long available to Jira Server and Data Center clients.... read more →
Nov 22

One-click Gantt, Board, Roadmap, Resources, Risks views for Jira projects. “Contextual” BigPicture is debuting!

Jira project is just a folder or container for tasks. Jira projects, according to some project managers, miss such standard tools as portfolio view, work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, high-level dependency board, roadmap, or risk matrix. Until recently project managers had to negotiate the steep learning curve of a third-party... read more →
Nov 18
Nov 17

SAFe® values explained

What values does Scaled Agile Framework stand for? For those who are only beginning to scale up agilely, a critical question is: "Do my values match SAFe® core principles?" With maximum simplicity, let's explain SAFe® values to help everybody determine: is SAFe® the right framework for my organization? First, the... read more →
Nov 10

2022 Portfolio-level Management Trends

As the 2020-2030 decade is unfolding, we report on the current trends in Project Portfolio Management. Some of the trends stem from the post-Millenium agile years, while some others are clearly related to the pandemic. Be aware of, and perhaps adopt some of the below PPM trends! Keep your portfolio... read more →
Nov 05
Nov 03
Oct 29

How long should a Sprint last?

Sprint is a feedback loop. Sprint in agile is normally 1 week to 1 month. The cadence should be constant from Sprint to Sprint for a given team. However, the cadence of a Sprint might vary from team to team. The shorter the Sprint is, the better - Sprints are... read more →
Oct 20

How to build an executable backlog?

What is an executable, or healthy, backlog? While projects have (relatively fixed) scopes, products and agile teams have (living) backlogs. Some backlog items will never make it to the market, and that is fine. An executable backlog excels at pushing the most value-adding items up, as new information arrives. As... read more →