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Nov 07
Nov 02

Project Portfolio Management Processes Explained

Cover image for the Portfolio Management Processes article
Selecting the right initiatives for the portfolio is invaluable to any organization. But how to make sure the choices actually benefit your business? Fortunately, you can use some portfolio management processes to make accurate decisions. This article will shed some light on these processes. On top of that, you will... read more →
Oct 28

Scrum vs Agile – Know the Difference

The cover image for the Scrum vs Agile article
The terms “Agile” and “Scrum” are almost ever-present in project management. So much so that some people use them interchangeably. But if you dive deeper into the Scrum vs Agile comparison, you’ll see the two are not the same. It’s important to explain each term in detail to know the... read more →
Oct 24
Oct 21
Oct 17
Oct 14

Digital Transformation. Part IV: digital change

digital change
In the fourth and final installment of our Digital Transformation series, we’ll focus on the digital change itself. We’ll cover the impact of the pandemic on this area and look for extra sources for more information.  Digital transformation and intelligent information management Successful change demands proper attitude, especially when you... read more →
Oct 10
Oct 07

The Gantt Chart: All You Need to Know

The cover image for the article "The Gantt Chart: All You Need to Know"
The Gantt chart is one of the most impactful project visualization tools of all time. It’s been around for over a century now, so it’s safe to say that it has made itself at home in the world of project management. It was created with Classic projects in mind. However,... read more →
Oct 03

Jira work breakdown structures: 4 ways to visualize projects

A work breakdown structure (WBS) in Jira outlines the deliverables your project will produce. It places those deliverables on a respective hierarchy level based on their size—but not order. Therefore, as such, Jira WBS is great for sheer scope planning. But to showcase project progress, timeline, and task dependencies, you... read more →