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Oct 19
Oct 18

How to Form Value Streams?

Value streams formation agile
  Why are value streams hot nowadays? How have development value streams enhanced the good old operational value streams? Why do portfolio managers adopt value streams? How to form value streams in a modern organization? Is there a holy grail to understanding value streams? 50-125 people in long-lived, stable teams... read more →
Oct 04
Sep 27

We are updating our prices

Over the past year, our suite of applications has matured significantly. Since September 2020, our flagship product BigPicture, its premium extension BigPicture Enterprise, and the leading Gantt chart tool for Jira – BigGantt – have been augmented with dozens of new features as well as notable improvements in stability, performance,... read more →
Sep 20
Sep 14
Sep 10

All You Need to Know About Program Increment (PI) Planning

The most common reaction of the human mind to achievement is not satisfaction, but craving for more - Yuval Noah Harari Program Increment (PI) is like a pizza base for Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). It keeps other elements (aka toppings) together, and is essential to even think about implementing SAFe®... read more →
Sep 09
Sep 06

Story Points – Hot or Not?

Story points product management
Are story points hot or overrated? Weeks, days, and hours seem more intuitive for humans. Story points, however, extend the familiar time component with complexity and risks, for greater accuracy of estimations. They also add another "safety feature" - average velocity per sprint, that allows for very realistic planning. Portfolio... read more →
Sep 03

Digital Transformation in Work Management

Digital evolution human
Digital transformation has increased work efficiency to an unprecedented level. If organizations followed the principles of neoclassical capitalism, some professions could witness as much as 90% staff reduction. The term 'Digital transformation' seems trivial. It is a high-performance alignment of resources and ideas, via software and digital devices. In real... read more →