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Sep 30
Sep 28

Critical Path in Project Management Explained

The cover image for the article Critical Path in Project Management Explained
Making sure your project gets done on time can be difficult, but some tools can help with that. Waterfall practitioners have been using the Critical Path in project management for decades for that very reason. Now, it’s time to learn about it and apply it to your initiatives. What is... read more →
Sep 26
Sep 23

Team Building 101. Part III: threats and summary

Team Building
Team building is important for your team, we already know that. Just like we know the activities we can encourage our co-workers to participate in. In this third, and last, installment of the team building series, we will present the potential threats and failures in team building and sum up... read more →
Sep 21

Portfolio vs Program vs Project with Examples

The world of project management is full of confusing terms. The distinction between portfolio vs program vs project is just one of many that some people struggle with. However, understanding and using them correctly is invaluable. Don’t worry. This article is here to dispel any doubts you might have about... read more →
Sep 19
Sep 16

Digital Transformation 101. Part 2

Digital Transformation 101. Part 2
We’ve learned some basics about the digital transformation process and how you can benefit from it from Part 1. Now we’ll think about its key aspects, areas, trends, and why digital transformation sometimes ends in failure. Key aspects of digital transformation According to McKinsey’s survey, we can pinpoint key elements... read more →
Sep 14

Agile and Non-Agile Teams: Differences and Management Tips

For organizations to thrive, all teams must be aligned regarding goals and objectives. The thing is, agile and non-agile teams use different processes, approaches, and organizational structures in their daily work. That can cause friction and impede business-wide growth. It’s worth noting that businesses often adopt Agile in some areas,... read more →
Sep 12

Solving common challenges in resource allocation in Jira

Allocation is one of the most popular resource management strategies for assigning work to people or non-human assets to a project. As straightforward as it may sound, resource allocation can get a few wrong turns and pose several challenges. But with BigPicture, you can easily take care of resource allocation... read more →
Sep 09

Team Building 101. Part 2: The Activities

We understand that team building is an important part of every contemporary business. Fortunately, the supply meets the demand - there are many different activities you can use to bond with your teammates. Importantly, many of these games are suitable for both offline and online meetings, as well as for... read more →