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Jan 20
Jan 18
Jan 16
Jan 13

What’s hiding behind the idea of Agile boards?

As we know by now, Agile is an iterative, flexible and collaborative approach to project management, which allows the workload to be divided into smaller chunks rather than one large and complex task. So, dive into our article, which will explain more and help you understand the whole concept of... read more →
Jan 11
Jan 02
Dec 28

What Is a Project Charter? – All You Need to Know

An image with a document called "Project Charter". A hand writing on the document with a feather.
No initiative can start without the approval of stakeholders. Before greenlighting the project, they must understand its general vision and purpose. One of the steps in formalizing the agreement process is creating a project charter. But what is it exactly? What needs to be included in the charter? How to... read more →
Dec 23

Agile for dummies

Agile is a very commonly met term but often misunderstood. Sometimes it is portrayed as a methodology for project management, but in reality, it hides much more meaning. It is essentially an umbrella term for many types of management methodologies. This article will clear all your doubts about what Agile... read more →
Dec 21

A Single Source of Truth in Project Management

An image showing various data streams falling into a single place
Information is power. But when it’s scattered around various tools in the organization, it’s prone to getting lost. Some businesses keep all data in one place to make sure it doesn't happen. There is a term for such an approach: a single source of truth (SSoT). Maintaining an informational command... read more →
Dec 19

How to easily handle dependency spaghetti in your project

A plate full of spaghetti but with taskbards instead of meatballs
In the previous articles, we discussed Jira Issue Links and how you can map them to specific project dependencies. We also covered cross-project dependency management that lets you visualize and track relations between tasks from other initiatives. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, a high volume of... read more →