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Apr 06

Jira time tracking: How to do it (better)?

What is so great about time tracking in project management applications? First, they can help you replace guesswork with math to make project delivery estimates more accurate. Second, they enable you to draw necessary insights which you can use to boost productivity and healthy workflow. And third, time tracking is... read more →
Mar 30

Project Portfolio for beginners

Many companies work on more than one product. Usually, these products contain big pieces of work that are divided into smaller, more manageable chunks, often called projects. Each manager deals with more than one project, so it’s no wonder they group it into portfolios. A project portfolio is one of... read more →
Mar 25

7 most common challenges in product management

a woman jumps over different obstacles
Product Managers (PMs), due to their responsibilities, commonly face various challenges. Knowing how to recognize those challenges and address them will help you increase your confidence and ability to fulfill your role as a product manager. This article discusses the most common challenges in product management and possible ways to... read more →
Mar 23

The final showdown: Iteration vs Increment

Both iteration and increment are terms bound with the Agile approach. But, as usual, the devil is in the detail. The closer you look, the more these two terms differ. Let’s dive right into this comparison and see what iteration and increment mean and what are the major differences between... read more →
Mar 18

5 biggest challenges of a Product Owner

An image shows a person being buried deep under a pile of documents and various office items.
A Product Owner (PO) role can be challenging. POs have many different responsibilities on their plate that highly depend on the context. They need to consider the type of product and its lifecycle stage, as well as the people involved in the product development process. The more variables are in... read more →
Mar 16
Mar 11

7 biggest UX designer challenges

The “user experience” (UX) field is not entirely new. It has been around since the 1950s and has quite matured since then. But it does not mean that it is free from flaws. In fact, there are still many challenges UX designers often face in their everyday work. Company culture,... read more →
Mar 07

Jira Components. How BigPicture handles them?

Components are subsections of Jira projects. What makes a great real-life component? A plug-in for a bigger software solution, a bus route, a marketing campaign, or perhaps a country market in a multinational company - are all examples of industry-specific components. How to make the most of Jira components in... read more →
Mar 04

Should Scrum Master have technical knowledge?

Scrum Masters wear many hats during their everyday work.
Perhaps you are thinking about becoming a Scrum Master (SM). Maybe your organization has recently embraced Scrum and is just learning to be agile. Or maybe you are a Scrum Master already and deal with complex technicalities on an everyday basis. Whatever your situation is, you are facing the question... read more →
Feb 28

6 Popular How-tos in BigPicture

Google RankBrain and its deep learning helped us select the most sought-after BigPicture How-tos. As Google itself claims, autocomplete predictions reflect real searches that have been done on Google, as well as trending interests. Here is a collection of the most popular BigPicture "How-tos" - the ones that project and product... read more →