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Apr 25

Delicious dairy snacks thanks to BigPicture

The BigPicture plugin for JIRA is an extremely versatile tool used across many industries. AlSafi Danone is one of the biggest dairy companies in the Middle East, supplying more than 11 markets with healthy & high quality products with 6 different brands and more than 200 SKU covering the Gulf... read more →
Apr 25

Project Portfolio Management in JIRA

Everyone that has either worked at any company or founded their own probably knows, that a good management person or team can make a big difference. They are responsible for ensuring that workflow is smooth and that none of the employees is overworked, nor currently has anything to do. This... read more →
Apr 18

Automated tests in the Continues Delivery process

One of the banes of old-school software development was painful, manual testing. All developers committed lots of their time to clicking through the most mundane options over and over again, with no guarantee that they will not overlook something. Test automation aims to ease the process and ensure that everything... read more →
Apr 08
Dec 04

The Future of Team Collaboration

Recently our whole lot attended the amazing titular event, hosted by Clearvision in London. The scale of this conference was astonishing – speakers includes famous scientists, software development experts and even an ex-SAS operator! A lot of great time was devoted to testing and importance of collaboration. This was especially... read more →
Oct 20

From Warsaw To Berlin

We just came back from Berlin, where along with our partner, STAGIL, BigPicture Enterprise was for the very first time presented publicly! Bjorn Frauen showcases how our solution can help large-scale companies cover their project management needs during the Berlin Atlassian User Group meeting. We were a bit nervous, but... read more →
Jan 25