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Aug 03

Testing frenzy

BigPicture is rapidly getting traction and so we decided to expand our testing department with Robert Zientarski. He's an experienced tester that does what is most crucial: identifies and solves problems before they hit production. Always ready to work&roll, he pays particular attention to the utmost details, and somehow manages... read more →
Aug 01
Jul 29

SAP consulting across the world with BigPicture

ENTICODE Consulting's model is based on a team of certified SAP consultants with complementary specializations. Thanks to this they are able to provide comprehensive support in the areas of activities covering a broad spectrum of solutions in SAP portfolio. Simply put, they lead projects for the largest domestic and foreign... read more →
Jul 26
Jul 21
Jul 18

Gantts made Agile with BigPicture

Agile approaches are a true revolution in the IT world. They ditch the standard top-down project management in order to empower teams; introduce flexibility and the ability to pivot.  The benefits of implementing Agile are so vast, that it starts to leak outside the IT world and is now used... read more →
Jul 14
Jul 12

Portfolio level with BigPicture plugin for JIRA

Earlier we covered how to implement the concept of Programs in JIRA. Each Program can aggregate multiple projects at a time, to surpass the limitations of bare bones Atlassian software and give you more space to organize things. This time we will ascend even beyond and see how we can... read more →
Jul 06

Implementing Programs in Atlassian JIRA

JIRA has a clear-cut hierarchy. Your tasks can be aggregated in specific Projects, each with their own Versions and Components. With JIRA Software, Epic-Story structure is also introduced, and that’s about it.  But what if you were to try and implement Program management without changing the whole toolset? Some people... read more →
Jun 28