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Aug 20
Aug 06

All-in-one App for Jira? Supplementing What Jira is Missing Most

All-in-one, lite app for Jira
Users indicate Jira's two major drawbacks - little visualization and missing "management umbrella". Many point out that these shortages are so deeply embedded in Jira, that they will likely remain for years to come. Hundreds of third-party apps try to patch Jira in these two aspects. If you want to... read more →
Aug 04

From Flawed Issue Tracking to Poor Communication. Main Mistakes in Project and Product Portfolio Management

Nobody’s perfect, and making mistakes is a human thing. However, some mistakes cost more than others - especially in management. So let’s take a look at the most common and preventable mistakes in PPM. The PPM abbreviation can refer to both Product Portfolio Management and Project Portfolio Management. Both roles... read more →
Aug 02

Leave and Absence Planning with BigPicture

Vacation planning BigPicture. Desert planning
The holiday season brings the everlasting issue of unexpected staff absences to the forefront. Vacation leaves have the potential to thwart projects that were scheduled back in the spring or winter. This article is essential reading in summer. How to file a leave of absence in BigPicture? BigPicture facilitates vacation... read more →
Jul 28
Jul 26

What Portfolio Management App for Technology R&D, Healthcare, Transportation, Automotive, and Manufacturing?

Portfolio management app tree
Have you ever had a thought that Jira doesn't fit your industry? People struggle to adjust Jira to their industry, as it is deservedly the most popular issue tracker in the world. Jira alone is popular with Software, Professional Services, Media & Communication, Education, Healthcare1 (intangible product, agile practices). Why... read more →
Jul 23
Jul 14

Decision Making with BigPicture

Making up your mind rectangles hexagon circle diamondtangular
What a "good decision" is? First, know Albert Einstein's famous quote 'If I had one hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking of the solutions'? Second, base your decisions on comprehensive data, not just on sentiments and feelings. BigPicture provides... read more →
Jul 12

Key Differences Between Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid

Over the past few years, companies have been changing their approach to management from classic to agile. Many of them are finally using a blend of the two, called the hybrid approach. What are the main features and differences of these approaches? Let’s find out.  How to do it “the... read more →
Jul 09

A Short (Anti)Guide to Derailing Any Project

Is work getting too smooth? Are your teams about to meet deadlines, or even worse, complete the tasks before they are due? Does everyone have a clear understanding of vision and goals? We got this covered! With this (anti)guide, you can turn the tides and derail the project, waste both... read more →