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Jun 20

catWorkX Midsummer Day 2016

The second part of last week and the weekend was a BLAST as we attended the titular event in Hamburg, Germany. A team consisting of Tom, Matt, Mike and Bart ventured into the city that we later on dubbed as the Venice of Germany due to the prevalence of water, canals and lakes around.


We started with a 2-hour workshop on Thursday, met up with the catWorkX folks and loved their positive attitude to life:


Matt showed the broad capabilities of the tool, and then ventured into use cases and configuration options. Many great questions were asked by the participants.


After the workshop, we went ahead and visited catWorkX’s main office. It’s a HUGE silo, converted into a modern office building. A sight to witness both outside and inside, as the view from every window spans across the whole area.


In the evening we joined the vendors and organizators to watch the game between Poland and Germany together. After a few beers, it was time to head to the hotel and prepare for the grand day – Friday, the main venue timeslot!


Our booth was right next to the entrance and was it popular! At time as many as 10 people were asking for information at the same time, and many others had a quick look, took a flyer or just passed by. Matt had his hands busy, and at 3 PM even more so, with his own presentation at Forum 2 area:


Then we watched Mr. Reiner Friedensohn’s presentation upstairs, where one of the tools he showed was nothing different than our own BigPicture Enterprise! Words cannot explain how great it feels when a customer presents your tool and advocates on it from their own volition, just because they want to share with others a good way to fix common industry problems.


After that, we took part in the free license lottery – congratulations to the winner of BigGantt! The day finished with an awesome party next to one of Hamburg’s  lakes, where business talks crossed with one of the best grilled meats and cocktails you could imagine.


Many thanks to the whole catWorkX team from SoftwarePlant, and especially to Marie (on photo above), as she is the mother of Midsummer Day’s success. Everything was simply great, we loved our stay at the event and cannot wait until next year’s edition.  Till next time, Hamburg!

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