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Dec 06

CatWorkX Vienna 2017, Atlassian Symposium

CatWorkX Atlassian Symposium Vienna

Atlassian Tools als Treiber der Prozess-Digitalisierung was the motto of catWorkX Atlassian Symposium 2017 in Vienna. How was the event from a Jira app developer’s point of view?

CatWorkX Wien in a nutshell

catWorkX Vienna cupcake Where: Eventhotel Pyramide,

When: 28.11.2017, 9-18 Uhr, Networking-Dinner 18-20 Uhr

Who: CEOs, IT staff, those responsible for Atlassian software, Atlassian admins & users and Jira app developers; about 40 people from 24 companies arrived

What: presentations, workshops; Atlassian apps developer booths

Big names: Alexander Frank, Oliver Groht – CEOs, catWorkX Austria GmbH • Dr. Wolfgang Tank, CIO, catWorkX GmbH • Johann Krahfuß, Head of Sales & Marketing, catWorkX GmbH • Robert Panholzer, Channel Manager, Atlassian • Tina Myerscough, Head of IT-Solutions, Austrian Standards

Manufacturers: SoftwarePlant, easyBi, Riada, Spartez, SUSE Linux

Free entrance – both for guests, ppm managers and for Jira app manufacturers

Highlights: delicious cupcakes


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

While presentations in English were welcome, having German speaking staff at catWorkX Wien seemed essential. On one hand all the morning presentations were delivered in German. On the other hand we were told some guest, people from ESET in particular, would join the conference at 1 p.m. when lectures in English began.

All in all, as a Jira apps developer, we believe we’d have got far more traffic had we learnt Deutsch at school.

Unluckily, those who speak German at SoftwarePlant stayed home. So they supported the team dispatched to catWorkX remotely through Slack, pictured.

Slack Jira Deutsch

German speaking team members stayed home. They sustained those present at catWorkX Vienna through Slack.


Things to consider before future catWorkX editions

  • Co-founders and VIPs from catWorkX Hamburg headquarters and the Austrian subsidiary were present and available for talks
  • Compared to the Vienna edition, the Hamburg catWorkX is on a larger scale
  • Austrian project managers seem to be less aware of Scaled Agile Framework methodology, compared to their German counterparts


CatWorkX Vienna 2017

BigPicture booth at catWorkX Atlassian Symposium Vienna 2017.


SoftwarePlant presentation


CatWorkX Wien standing party

Network dinner at catWorkX Wien.


Riada presentation

Insight & Insight Discovery – The Riada Approach to IT Service Management presentation.


catWorkX catering

Tuna stuffed witch cheese – yummy.


Cupcakes and beer

Cupcakes and beer. A combination to try in Austria!


catWorkX vendor booth

The Atlassian apps developer’s booth at catWorkX in Vienna.

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