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Jan 14

Confitura 2021, 2020, 2019. What to expect?

So you’re deciding whether to head for Confitura 2020… Learn what’s behind the scenes from the major sponsor of Confitura Java Conference. Should an “ordinary” Java developer attend Confitura (or Konfitura) and what to expect?

Confitura Java conference

Softwareplant’s chill-out zone at 2017 Confitura deserved a recognition. Breakfast, lunch, and coffee were free for each Confitura visitor.

Confitura in a nutshell

  • Java developers’ feast
  • a single day; takes place in Warsaw, Poland from 2007
  • book early as the 1400 available tickets will sell out quickly
  • Confitura used to be free of charge, but as of 2017 a charity donation of 25 PLN (6-7 USD) through is required
  • concurrent presentations going on, up to five at the moment. So, it’s feasible to silently give up one lecture in the midst of it and join another
  • “beginner” and “advanced” labeled lectures
  • vast majority of presentations are in Polish
  • while apart from “confitura java” Google also suggests “confitura javascript”, the reality is  Confitura has nothing to do with Javascript. Confitura is purely a Java event
  • Big names present: Jakub Nabrdalik, Sławek Sobótka, Bartek Zdanowski

Confitura ‘2021

See you on the 26th of June 2021 at EXPO XXI, Warsaw.

Confitura ‘2020

Originally scheduled for the 27th of June 2020 at EXPO XXI, Warsaw; later canceled due to the pandemic.

Confitura ‘2019

Saturday, 29th June 2019 at Expo XXI, Warsaw

Confitura 2019 SoftwarePlant, JEE, n-tier, Enterprise

Tomasz Kucharski, SoftwarePlant CEO at Confitura 2019.


Organic stand, Java conference

SoftwarePlant’s organic stand at Confitura ‘2019. We’re hiring, apply here.

Confitura ‘2018

Saturday, 30th June 2018 at Expo XXI, Warsaw

Confitura 2018 Java arch

SoftwarePlant booth, we seek developers for our flagship BigPicture.


Table football, foosball, Confitura

Table football and a freezer full of cold beer. Recruitment marketing in full swing.


Boxing competition

SoftwarePlant promotes physical education: those brave enough to box could win a PS4 console.


Confitura browsing job applications

We’re browsing job applications. You could also apply now!


Java job fair

We collected quite a few promising job applications.

How was it at Confitura ‘2017

Where: Bobrowiecka Conference Center, ul. Bobrowiecka 9, Warszawa.

When: 1st July 2017

Softwareplant’s chill-out zone (pictured) at Confitura 2017 deserved a recognition.

As a Platinum sponsor SoftwarePlant arranged a photo contest (check photos people submitted): take a selfie in a photo booth; a beer for everyone; a drone or a Flyspot ride for winners.


Confitura 2017 stage, contest, platinum sponsor

We, as the Platinum Confitura sponsor.


Large bean bags, chill out zone

Giant bean bags next to SoftwarePlant’s sponsor stand.


Store fridge, fair stand

The store fridge to the left filled with bottles of beer that were given away to those who submitted the selfie.


Confitura 2017 photo contest

As the platinum sponsor we organized the contest. Those who submitted a selfie could win the drone and the Flyspot ride. Check out the submitted photos.


Is it worth going to Confitura?

From a Java engineer from Poland point of view, Confitura is certainly essential. People from around Poland – Kraków, Gdańsk and Poznań arrive. The presentations truly introduce those not-widely known still handy technologies; speakers are extremely competent. Breakfast, lunch and coffee is included, e.g. sponsored by Platinum and Gold sponsors. It’s an opportunity to socialize and get in touch with university friends.


Who should attend Confitura?

  1. Java developers. Both beginners and advanced programmers as the lectures are accordingly labeled.
  2. Employers looking for Java programmers.



is an evening party for the Java crowd, aimed at socializing. SPOINa ‘2017 took place on a barge moored in the Vistula River. Reasonable doses of alcohol available. Lots of tasty snacks. Entrance to SPOINa is included in the aforementioned fee. Great opportunity to chill out.


So, is it worth to educate yourself in Java?

We believe Java is currently the most popular language for web applications. Try googling the “programming languages popularity” key phrase. Any issue you may encounter while coding Java has probably been discussed on Millions of Java-based applications exist out there and thousands of job offers, too.

Java is similar to C# and C++. Banking industry heavily uses Java. And all other industries, too, for its scalability, speed and security.

Our DevOps Manager’s recommendation for beginners: learn Java twelve hours a day for three months and look around for your first programming job. Udemy, Codecademy, Pluralsight make some valuable sources of training courses.

Polish programmers rank 3rd in the world, according to Which Country Would Win in the Programming Olympics? by

Check Java job postings at SoftwarePlant


Java rank, popularity

Java ranks no. 1 with various programming languages popularity indices. Here:


Confitura ‘2016

Where: Bobrowiecka Conference Center, ul. Bobrowiecka 9, Warsaw, Poland

When: 2nd July 2016


Java developers at Confitura 2016

SoftwarePlant Java developers at Confitura 2016.


Common code cloud server. Confitura 2016

Tom Kucharski, SoftwarePlant’s CEO delivering the “Common code for cloud and server” presentation. Confitura is largely a Polish language event.


Confitura 2016 visitors, triumpgal arch

Confitura 2016 triumphal arch.


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