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Apr 25

Delicious dairy snacks thanks to BigPicture

The BigPicture plugin for JIRA is an extremely versatile tool used across many industries. AlSafi Danone is one of the biggest dairy companies in the Middle East, supplying more than 11 markets with healthy & high quality products with 6 different brands and more than 200 SKU covering the Gulf area and MENA. In 1998, Al Safi Dairy Farm entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest integrated dairy farm in the world. The company won the “Qatra Prize 2008” for the best dairy product company in the Arab world in 2008.

The aim was to have a tool for long-term & multi-process plan for company projects, initiatives & tasks. With the massive amount of product innovation projects with multi-functional teams- sometimes across the region- to manage each project, it becomes natural to fall behind in time. AlSafi Danone found that BigPicture facilitates and speeds up tracking, with managing the timelines keeping everything on-track.

Our tool is helping them achieve the targeted launch dates smoothly. Last week the company celebrated the early launch of one of their new innovations, “Ayran”, a salty drink targeting the expat community. This project also represented the official launch and success of BigPicture.

One of the main characteristics BigPicture provides is covering the lack of communication between the multi-functional teams. Everyone in the company now is aware of every innovation, all timelines, every task due date, and all approvals needed in order to launch any product!

The tool is used by more or less 100 users daily, with roughly 56% of them being the managers, and 44% staff. They find the interface to be friendly and easy to use and really enjoy the Gantt chart view with task dependencies synced to JIRA.

“Tracking and planning can be very tricky if you don’t have the right tool for it. Today we have BigPicture that have made a complex system very easy. BigPicture is one of the most powerful tools I use to manage and track the activities for all products whether they’re Innovation or Renovation projects. It enables you to build the pipeline of all projects, create tasks & sub-tasks, and keep you on track on every level. Basically, you can track everything, anytime, and any everywhere! We are planning to share the experience of using BigPicture in the Activity Management Department with other departments to be the trusted tool for all company projects in the near future.”
Hasan Alhazmi, Activity Planning Manager, Supply Chain Dept. AlSafi Danone


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