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Jul 29

SAP consulting across the world with BigPicture

ENTICODE Consulting‘s model is based on a team of certified SAP consultants with complementary specializations. Thanks to this they are able to provide comprehensive support in the areas of activities covering a broad spectrum of solutions in SAP portfolio. Simply put, they lead projects for the largest domestic and foreign worldwide enterprises. The company creates products dedicated for individual customers, businesses and corporations. Main area of their solutions is focused on industry-standard platforms such as SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. EWACTIVE is a model example of such a custom product. For companies using SAP systems, ENTICODE leaves its competition in the dust using a broad spectrum of competence and experience in SAP technology.


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ENTICODE members were using JIRA from the very start of the company’s existence. Further, this concerns a lot of Atlassian software. SCRUM is the management approach for managing projects, but to satisfy the biggest customers Gantt charts are a must – this was the reason why ENTICODE started their search for a JIRA plugin that would combine the 2 worlds.

Mission Possible – Connect JIRA Agile/SCRUM with great project overview and Gantt + possibility to export to MS Project. They find export/import functionality very important. The preferred solution turned out to be our own BigPicture. The name of this product represents exactly what this customer needed get – the BIG PICTURE of their projects, which can be very complicated but still needs to be fully grasped.

FireShot Screen Capture #237 - 'ENTICODE SAP Consulting' - www_enticode_com_en

The combination of BitBucket + Bamboo + Crowd + Conflucence + Jira with BigPicture, the latter being  an icing on the cake, makes ENTICODE’s  work even more professional and helps them meet the needs of their demanding customers. Planning of a new project is really easy now, and is made more effective each day, that they further uncover the features BigPicture offers.

The core consists group of certified SAP Consultants and Developers, arranged into 2 mixed teams (consulting+dev). All of them will benefit from the implementation of BigPicture.


24cc2d4We are using JIRA to conduct/manage/track/report all of our projects for many years. Last year we decided to test existing on market Gantt AddOn’s to connect it with our Agile/SCRUM world.

BigPicture leaves competing  solutions far behind.  Just perfect!


Ludwik Bogdański, SAP Professional Consultant, ENTICODE Consulting Board Member

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