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Feb 28

6 Popular How-tos in BigPicture

How to do things in Jira Big Picture

Google RankBrain and its deep learning helped us select the most sought-after BigPicture How-tos. As Google itself claims, autocomplete predictions reflect real searches that have been done on Google, as well as trending interests. Here is a collection of the most popular BigPicture “How-tos” – the ones that project and product managers from around the world are searching for.

#1  How to “get” the purpose behind BigPicture?

Have you wondered why BigPicture has more toggles and buttons than other project management apps from Atlassian Marketplace? Under the cover of ‘Configuration/administration in 3 steps’ how-to, we explain the plan, purpose, and… robustness of BigPicture. There is logic to the three layers of configuration. “Getting” that logic of BigPicture might help you make that final purchase decision. For instance, the workflow shows how project managers can overwrite the central portfolio-level settings for some projects. Just a few competitors have that. Have a look at:

Administration/configuration of BigPicture in 3 steps how-to


How to design project workflows in Jira BigPicture

#2  How to design project workflows of BigPicture modules?

Sometimes users doubt the modular design of BigPicture. BigPicture has ten modules – Overview, Gantt, Resources, Roadmap, Board, Scope, Risks, Teams, Reports, and Calendar. Competing Jira apps tend to be more homogenous. Then why the distinctive modular design?

When you enable some modules in a BigPicture project and disable others, you sort of determine a unique workflow for that project. Or, by disabling Gantt, for instance, you might be whispering to the team “this is going to be an agilely managed errand”. How-to:

Sequence a collection of BigPicture modules to pre-determine a project’s workflow


#3  How to make the move from planning to execution?

How to tell a project is ready for execution? When to approve and when to reject a project proposal? When a project promises well, and when is it a recipe for disaster? There are key BigPicture views worth paying attention to:

Approving / scrapping projects with BigPicture


#4  How to do Change management? What about change request management?

How to manage change (in an organization) vs. how to manage change requests (in a product). All in all, both are doable in BigPicture. We explain in detail how change management is different than change request management. Here are the two how-to’s:

Change / Change request management in BigPicture


BigPicture resource management

#5  How to do resource management in BigPicture?

There are four ways of doing resource management in BigPicture. Let’s name them, from the most complex one to the easiest: (1) full-blown use of Resources module, (2) Capacity “pane” below Gantt chart, (3) Simplistic capacity planning in Board module (with story points or time units), (4) No resource management at all. As they get authored, below we post resource management-related how-tos:

How to manage resources with BigPicture Enterprise?

Why skip resource management at all?


#6  How to plan Vacation leaves and do Absence Planning with BigPicture?

A must-read for a resource manager or an HR person. How to register days off for a person? Can that person register a leave for themselves? Have a look at:

Leave and absence planning in BigPicture how-to


1How Google autocomplete predictions work,


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