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Jul 14

ITpomoz helps poor families in Slovakia with BigPicture

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Slovakia is a rapidly developing country, but changes take time. A salary of around 1000 EUR a month is still above average in the area. A group of ordinary people lucky enough to have such income decided to share it with those less fortunate. Let us quote Michal from ITpomoz:

We are an ordinary people who would like to help others with the little we have.

We have regular jobs like many others and we think of ourselves that we are very lucky to have a job that pays above average (it’s around 1000 eur/month to be more exact, but it’s above average in our country) and we would like to help others, the not so lucky ones, who have very big financial problems that they can’t even provide for their children, those who can even work because of their mental or physical handicaps, those who has lost their close ones and can’t make it on their own….

We dedicate our free time and some spare money to help others.

As a nonprofit organization, they choose poor families in financial problems and divide some of their money for each. The support to those families is long term or short term – it is decided how many months and how much money will each of the selected families receive each month. They need to visualize those information to make sure they always know how much money they will be able to donate next time or if they are able to help other families as well.

Before BigPicture, ITpomoz were using separate tools to visualize the data. They had to write the information twice – in JIRA and in Google Spreadsheet. They have chosen the BigPicture because it was deemed the best Gantt chart tool. BigPicture seemed to be perfect for the job and they even keep the information in one place now, so there is less space for mistakes. If they change something in BigPicture it will show up in JIRA right away.

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ITpomoz is a group of 15 people. They are not divided into groups, but each individual does what he knows and can. Some of them are better in communication so they visit the families in need, some of them are lawyers so they help to do the paperwork, others donate their spare time to create the website, and so on.

We are extremely proud that our products are used in such noble causes, and encourage everyone to chip in to the initiative and spread the word.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMgAAAAJGE0NzhjYjBkLTg2NTItNDI1YS1iYTdhLWM0OTcyNmY2Y2M5ZQ“Before BigPicture, we were using separate tools to visualize the data. We had to write the information twice – in JIRA and in Google Spreadsheet. Now we have the information in one place and if we change something in BigPicture, it will show up in JIRA right away. The tool is pretty easy to use and gives us quite nice overview of the situation in our projects. It saves us time when making decisions about upcoming couple of months.”

Michal Zajac, Management system administrator, ITpomôž

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