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Jira BigPicture Reviews

Real-world users rate BigPicture – one of the most popular project management apps for Jira. Some of the comments are exclusively published here as project managers sent them to us directly.

Jira Big Picture reviews


Hi Tomasz. You guys rock!!! I have only good experience with you! It’s amazing how fast you react :) Keep up the good work! Last week I had a showcase where I presented BigPicture for Siemens Gamesa Renewables and it was a success! Cannot wait to receive the training to be able and release the tool at its full potential.

Mihai Rotariu | Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

June 2018 | check the review screenshot

How to explain good and bad reviews?

The vast majority of bad reviews that BigPicture has ever received result from this simple scenario: a user had a particular need, could not find a solution and did not contact support. We believe that there is a straightforward solution to 80 per cent of users’ requests.

BigPicture is a special app – comprehensive and with countless functionalities. On the other hand, hundreds of unique organizations with that many needs exist out there on the market. BigPicture is not a plugin for colouring labels and it’s simply unrealistic to assume that it will be fully compliant with any environment, out of the box. So, you need to custom set-up and often train yourself and your team on BigPicture.