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Dec 05

Jira&Bira, Manageware event in Tel Aviv. What to expect?

Jira and Bira, Manageware slide

 Jira & Bira name seems self-explanatory. How do Atlassian partners benefit from the Atlassian-related event in Tel Aviv? And what to expect?

Surprisingly sunny was Tel Aviv on Tuesday, November the 28th, 2017, the day our BigPicture salesman attended Jira&Bira.


Jira & Bira in a nutshell

Sunbather Tel Aviv, upside down

Tel Aviv beach on Jira&Bira day.

  • the 2017 edition took place at Talk House restaurant in the Old Port area of Tel Aviv
  • on 28.11.2017, 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Manageware, a local Atlassian partner and a subsidiary of Matrix was responsible for Jira&Bira
  • our representative delivered a 20-minute presentation on BigPicture (Roadmap view for SAFe® project management; managing teams’ capacity)
  • Playtika, HP Indigo, VP, and PM representatives attended Jira&Bira. All of them utilizing Jira heavily. Manageware advertised them as 2000+ Jira licenses enterprises. A great opportunity to promote our BigPicture

On subsequent days, Manageware was kind enough to take us to other Israeli Jira users: Discount Bank, Nice, AMDOCS, Applied Materials. We also Webex-trained Philips of Israel from a hotel room ;)


Was it too late to pack up for Jira&Bira?

Only on Monday morning, we decided we were flying to Tel Aviv that same evening. So, we almost missed the conference that we grade as potentially one of the most lucrative this year.

Interestingly, we don’t rate equally high the concurrent Atlassian partners’ events in Germany and Austria that we filled as well… Even though the German markets make Jira’s mainstay in Europe.


Do they serve beer at Jira&Bira?

Yes. The event was held in Talk House, a recognized restaurant in the vicinity of Tel Aviv wharf.

Manageware Matrix team

The hospitable Manageware team with Mark of SoftwarePlant (far right) holding pdf Softwareplant booklet.


Jira and Beer meetup

Delicious vibes of Jira&Bira.


Jira Bira beer pads

Jira & Bira beer pads.


Jira Bira audience

Jira and Bira audience. Project management with BigPicture presentation by SoftwarePlant.


Check the other Jira event in Tel Aviv: Methoda Atlassian Day.

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