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Mar 06

How to Export projects from Jira? Output your Board, Roadmap, Gantt chart to xlsx, csv, mpp files

Jira itself can export lists of issues (filtered search results), typically to the csv file. What, however, if you need to export structured data, such as a Board, Roadmap, Gantt chart, or work breakdown structure? Is it a good idea to get a plugin that can export but does nothing else? In this article, we’ll showcase a complex approach to exporting/importing projects, agile boards, roadmaps, timelines, WBS-es, and risk matrices, namely BigPicture + BigTemplate.

What can you export from plain Jira?

First, as far as plain Jira is concerned, it is capable of this:

Jira export issue list, projects

Plain Jira is enough to export flat issue lists.

As you can see, all you can do with plain Jira is you can export flat search results. Sure, you could, for instance, apply a ‘Project’, ‘Status: to do’, ‘Assignee: John Doe’ filters to your dataset, but that’s still a flat list.

If you need to export processed, aggregated data or a work breakdown structure, or some Project-/Product Management categories such as risks, Jira Software may not be enough.

How to export a roadmap from Jira?

Since Jira itself doesn’t have a roadmap module, you need a roadmapping plugin, preferably with the export feature included. Have a look at the below image:

  • it’s the Roadmap module of BigPicture
  • press the ‘Export’ button to launch the Export manager
  • you need to have BigTemplate extension installed on top of BigPicture for the Export manager to function
  • note that ‘Program Increment’, ‘Iteration’ fields get exported to an Excel file. ‘PI’ and ‘Iteration’ are BigPicture fields, but they can keep in sync with Jira’s native fields of your choice
  • note the BPXIX-23 hyperlink in the spreadsheet’s ‘Task Key’ column, linking to Jira issue detail view.
Jira roadmap export xls xlsx csv

Roadmap module of Jira BigPicture + BigTemplate. Press the ‘Export’ button to launch the Export manager.


How to export a board?

Known as Program Board or Cross-team Board, the thing available in BigPicture is more advanced than Jira’s native ‘Scrum board’:

  • it has cross-team dependency arrows and Program Increment level (above Iteration level), among others
  • press the ‘Export’ button to launch the Export manager
  • you need to have BigTemplate extension installed on top of BigPicture for the Export manager to operate
  • note that ‘Program Increment’, ‘Iteration’ fields get exported to the spreadsheet
  • the BigPicture Board integrates with other BigPicture modules, such as Gantt chart, Risks, Roadmap, Resources. So it does integrate with Jira.
Jira export board, agile, cross-team

Press the ‘Export’ button to launch the Export Manager. BigPicture program board.


Export a Gantt chart from Jira

‘Gantt’ is another module that BigPicture is famous for and one that plain Jira doesn’t have.

  • notice the Rows grouping in the Excel spreadsheet below. The grouping occurs automatically based on the work breakdown structure that you’ve got in the Gantt chart
  • if you customize your Gantt chart view, for instance, if you add the ‘Votes’ column, BigPicture will output tasks’ vote counts to the xlsx file
  • as for the export to MS Project, use the mpp and mpx buttons available in the Export manager. To learn how to import a Microsoft Project file back to Jira, read this tutorial
  • you need to have BigTemplate extension installed on top of BigPicture for the Export manager to operate
  • BigGantt also supports BigTemplate exporting extension
Gantt chart export from Jira

The ‘Export to image: PDF’ uses Puppeteer library.


Export Work Breakdown Structure (Scope)

Scope module is powered by the same engine as the Gantt chart is, so the export feature works pretty much the same. If you add custom fields to a view, such as ‘Enabler’, ‘Affects Versions’, and ‘Epic Link’, and then you save the view, BigPicture will output the new fields to the xlsx or csv file.

Work Breakdown Structure export to spreadsheet

Scope/Work Breakdown Structure module of BigPicture features the ‘Export’ button, too.


Resource management and skills planning

Resources and skill planning is another module that plain Jira doesn’t have, and Jira BigPicture does. When you export resources and skills data to an xlsx file, the cells get colored (red – orange – green) automatically, according to how over- or underallocated a resource or skill is. Observe the below screenshot.

Can you see the ‘Allocation’, ‘Remaining capacity’, ‘Capacity’, ‘Skill allocation’, ‘Skill remaining capacity’, and ‘Skill capacity’ tabs at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet below? The Resources pushed forward with their MS Excel template, compared to other BigPicture modules.

Export to Excel resource management



As a bonus, you’ve got the immensely popular Risks matrix in BigPicture. The export manager is here, too, and obviously, you need BigTemplate for the manager to work.

Export risks matrix from Jira BigPicture



So here you have it — the all-in-one export from Jira. Rather than trying to make plugins from various developers talk to each other, you can have the reasonably priced BigPicture + BigTemplate from a single Atlassian vendor. Give it a try — 30 days free.

See also: BigTemplate documentation.


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