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Dec 27

How to learn the Gantt chart in Jira: in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week

Jira Gantt tutorial

Self-learning is one option for those keen on the Jira Gantt chart project tutorial topic. Studying documentation or a training course with our trainer make other options. Below we go through all of them.

As it is not included in Jira by default, a Gantt chart is one of the most searched for Jira apps and a must-have for a project manager. Neatly designed Gantt’s are better than others as Gantt charts are all about the visual representation of data. You could learn to use a Gantt chart during a one-hour tutorial, but things begin to get slightly complicated when integrating a Gantt module and Jira. So, let’s divide this “Jira Gantt tutorial” article into a couple of sections: 1-hour tutorial and learn Gantt in a day and a week.

What is a Gantt chart? Pictures are easier to internalize than text. As projects in America were becoming larger and more complicated during the early 20th century, Henry Gantt came up with a unique bar chart format to help project managers. The Gantt chart was later employed on infrastructure projects such as the Hoover Dam and the Interstate Highway System. And it remains popular today, but with the notable addition of dependencies, or links, between tasks.


BigPicture Gantt tutorial: 5 minutes

For who: For those who want to understand what a Gantt chart is or who are considering changing their project management software from, say, MS Project to Jira.

To give you a concept of what a Gantt chart is, back in the day, they used to draw them on paper. The digital versions of today are easier to manipulate.


1-hour Jira Gantt chart tutorial

For whom: those who use Jira and are making a decision on which Gantt app to choose or they’ve downloaded a free trial version of our BigGantt or BigPicture.

A more in-depth, 30-minute tutorial of Gantt chart. Some crucial Gantt-related terms are discussed in the video, i.e.:

  • links between tasks
  • baselines – footprints marking where tasks were originally positioned on a timeline
  • critical path – tasks that affect a program’s end date are highlighted red
  • cadences and sprints – i.e. 1-week, 2-week, 1-month or so time frames visible on Gantt chart. They are more modern than the original 100-year-old concept of Henry Gantt. Cadences and sprints have to do with the agile management
  • perspectives – in the rest of the computer world known as configurable views
  • data synchronization: Gantt to Jira and vice versa

Jump to 5:23, 28:39, 34:57, and 40:06 for Gantt chart-related episodes. The below tutorial shows the Gantt chart as it is in newer BigGantt version 4.6.



Gantt ≠ Waterfall

or “Why to study Gantt charts anyway?”

In the IT world, many still believe that Gantt charts are inherently not up-to-date. Especially with agile teams now in the game. That notion dates back to the MS Project era, or the early 2000s. Back then, project managers working on Gantt charts were constantly out of sync with executive teams that used third-party task tools for everyday planning.

Fortunately, those days are now over. With BigPicture Gantt module you’re continuously in sync with Jira. And the Gantt chart here serves a slightly different purpose, namely to visualize tasks.


Can I really learn Gantt in one hour?

You could grasp the idea after the one-hour tutorial. But you need long-term project management experience to become proficient. This is why:

  • Gantt charts are becoming more and more integrated with other project management standard features, e.g. resources, risks, roadmap and teams.
  • As more advanced project portfolio management, or PPM, gains popularity over regular project management methodologies, comprehensive PPM apps for Jira gain advantage over plain Gantt charts.
  • We notice people migrating from our BigGantt to take advantage of the more advanced features included in the BigPicture Gantt module. This seems to confirm the aforementioned trends.

If you are a qualifying not-for-profit institution, BigGantt is offered free of charge.

Learn the Gantt chart in a day and a week

To help you obtain a thorough in-depth understanding of the Gantt chart, we offer:


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