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Aug 26

How to use Jira for Marketing, Media projects or Video production?

Is Jira the right choice for marketing agencies, filmmakers and media sector in general? How do marketing projects fit into Jira, a relatively special piece of project management software? Let’s check a sample workflow in Jira + BigPicture.

We’ll shoot a Coca-Cola commercial. Why do we need BigPicture addon on top of Jira? Jira alone lets a project manager keep an eye on 100s or 1000s of tasks, but is not a project management tool per se BigPicture builds on Jira by adding the Gantt chart (timeline), visualization, progress tracking, reporting, resource and risk management capabilities.

(1) Scope your marketing project

Use the Scope component of Jira BigPicture to break the project into phases.

Scope of a marketing project in Jira BigPicture

Still in the Scope module, break these phases further down into tasks.

Work breakdown structure of a video production project

(2) Schedule your marketing project

Once you’ve broken your media/filmmaking/marketing project into manageable pieces, use the proven bar chart (pictured below) to schedule the tasks on the timeline. Also, set dependencies between the tasks, such as ‘casting precedes production’, to enforce that, say, team A won’t start before team B completes their part. Note that the Gantt chart is aware of the work breakdown structure that you’ve built with the Scope module, in the step (1).

Schedule a media project, Jira bar chart

Note the milestones (crucial dates or deadlines), represented by gray ‘diamonds’, such as the ‘PII-5 Script deadline’, evident in the above illustration.


(3) Skill/resource management (optional)

Light projects, such as ‘Shooting a commercial’ will generally skip the skills/resources management. If, however, you are a major movie production company, you may need to do skills management. This step obviously involves some overhead. Nevertheless, if you see a tight labor market around, Jira BigPicture has a dedicated module for managing skills and resources; and beginning BigPicture 7.4 you’ve got a Quick assignee feature – within minutes, semi-automatically assign stages or tasks to the most qualified/least busy member of a team. More on managing skills in Jira.

Back to the skills management: first, you need to define skills, you will use in your project.

Skills for a movie production, media project


Now, assign the required skills to each of your Jira tasks.

Assign required skills to a task in Jira


To manage your resources effectively, you also need to specify what skills do the members of your crew have.

Assign skills to movie crew members


You can now assign tasks to your crew/team members.

Assign Jira tasks to crew members


Below is the bird’s eye view on the skills undersupply and oversupply in your movie project. You’re short, at times (red bars), on the Recruiter and Film set manager skills, while we’ve got a surplus of other skills. Also note, how Alvina Nelson’s capacity has been properly allocated for the first and second week of August (orange bars).

Resource management Jira BigPicture. Marketing, media industry

You can aggregate the over-/underallocation of your resources daily, weekly (pictured) or monthly – use the ‘Scale’ button evident in the top menu.


(4) Risk management in marketing and media projects (optional)

A seven-digit worth of $$$ was budgeted for the project. It would be foolish not to keep an eye on the risks. The Risks matrix of Jira BigPicture will attract the project manager’s attention to those tasks which are likely to delay the project. Notice the ‘PII-19 Film acceptance’  deadline evident in the aforementioned Gantt chart.

Risk management media, marketing, video projects



Jira has been developed with the agile project management in mind, where things happen simultaneously and there is a release every couple of weeks. However, media companies, marketing agencies and especially the filmmaking sector, often use the classic, waterfall approach to project management, with things occurring sequentially. BigPicture app enriches Jira with tools commonly required by the media and marketing-related projects, i.e. the bar chart, Scope, Skills, Resources, Reports, and Risks modules.

Moreover, BigPicture makes it easy to control a collection of marketing/media projects, say 20 at a time. The PPM acronym stands for the portfolio capabilities of Jira BigPicture.



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