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Dec 09

How to use Next-gen projects in BigPicture, BigGantt?

Next-gen projects for Jira Big PictureJira’s next-gen projects are getting increasingly functional in BigPicture and BigGantt project management apps. However, before you commit to the next-gen projects, realize this: while next-gen projects require minimal setup, clients value BigPicture and BigGantt for the apps’ abundant customization options.

Yes – BigPicture and BigGantt do support Jira next-gen projects. Yet, we believe the classic Jira projects will be fine.

How to configure next gen projects in BigPicture and BigGantt?

Read this 10-minute tutorial on how to enable your next-gen project within BigPicture or BigGantt.

Next-gen projects in BigPicture, BigGantt

All the BigPicture’s modules are compatible with the next-gen projects, namely Scope, Gantt chart, Roadmap, Board 2.0, Resources, Risks, Teams, and Reports.

Some BP / BG features, such as bars coloring in the Gantt chart, or epic links may be missing from your next-gen project. You’ll find the list of those missing features in the aforementioned tutorial.

— There is a common misconception about BigPicture and next-gen projects. Users sometimes think BigPicture doesn’t fully support the Next-gen’s whereas in fact it’s Next-gen’s that are missing some core features – says BP helpdesk member.

What is a next-gen project?


A next-gen project is an easier-to-setup version of a classic Jira project, devised for small, autonomous software teams. While easier to pick up, next-gen projects have limited features and lesser integration with Jira add-ons. Three factors contribute to this state of affairs:

  • next-gen projects are still under development by Atlassian
  • some vendors may doubt if the next-gen projects make it to adulthood
  • next-gen projects were to be super-simple in the first place

After all, doesn’t the next-gen project’s board below – resemble a Kanban board in Trello?

Jira next-gen project board

Jira next-gen project board resembles Trello’s Kanban board. 1 – Assignee filter, 2 – label, epic filter, 3 – group by assignee, sub-task.

Sprints are available within next-gen projects, though.

No Jira admin

Read this key sentence from Atlassian’s Confluence wiki: – Any licensed user can create a next-gen software project in Jira Cloud. These projects don’t share their configuration with any other project. They have their own workflows and fields, their own permissions, and their own destinies.

So, next-gen projects were invented to skip the Jira administrator. But they lag behind when you need to cross-team integration and automation, and the bird’s eye view.

Classic Next-gen
Familiar with Jira

Mature agile practice

Complex workflow

New to Jira

New to agile

Small team

There is a global configuration. A Jira admin can apply best practices across many teams. Any configurations made to a next-gen project apply only to that project.


Is it worth migrating to next-gen projects?

  • Next-gen projects are technically quite different from classic Jira projects.
  • You can have both classic and next-gen projects within a single Jira instance.
  • You can migrate a classic project to a next-gen project.
  • However, you might lose some data en route.
  • You can recreate some of the lost data having done the migration.
  • Next-gen projects are under development by Atlassian – will be more functional in the future.

The bottom line

Next-gen projects are unlikely to replace classic projects. Both types will probably remain in circulation. BigPicture and BigGantt are relatively powerful and configurable apps. They just work better with classic projects.

You can have a Jira + BigPicture/BigGantt instance with both classic and next-gen projects in it.


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