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Apr 21

Project Manager’s Video Tutorials for Jira [alternative approach]

Project management tutorial JiraOn the hunt for a Jira Project Management tutorial? Before diving into eight training videos below, consider some ‘secrets of Polichinelle’ of Jira. This way, you’ll allocate your learning time properly ;)

Lesson 1

Simply put: Jira itself is not that great project management tool. Sure, it’s trending as PM software, and for two reasons: (1) it can easily store gazillion of tasks, (2) can share them across thousands of users. But: Jira wanes when you need to track overall progress (of a project, product, or a portfolio). Or when you want to visualize those sticky notes.

What does it all have to do with the tutorials? First, decide on this: will I do my project management with Jira alone? Or perhaps with a project management plugin on top of my Jira instance? Different tutorials will apply in the latter case.

Why might Jira win the 2020s?

Lesson 2

Some Jira project management study materials that you can google, already involve a plugin, and the trainer, won’t even let you know. When you see a beautiful Gantt chart, high-level roadmap, heatmapped risk matrix, or a resource management module, it rather comes from a third-party plugin. Why are project management apps, that you add to your Jira, so “invisible”?

  • Atlassian welcomes third-party developers through Atlassian Marketplace – Jira is the opposite of Microsoft Project. Integration with Jira is relatively easy from a developer’s standpoint
  • vendors try to blend in, to look like part of Jira

Lesson 3

Research ‘jira project management tutorial’ if you want to learn how to run projects in general, with any software.

If, however, you are in a hurry, google phrases such as: ‘jira align tutorial, ‘jira bigpicture tutorial’, ‘jira portfolio tutorial’, ‘jira structure tutorial’, or ‘jira tempo tutorial’. These are the names of the most popular project management extensions for Jira.


Tutorial 1: Project management with Jira BigPicture



Tutorial 2: the whole workflow one more time, with another trainer



Jira Scope training session – Work breakdown structure



Roadmapping in Jira tutorial



Program Board tutorial



Resources in Jira tutorial



Managing Risks in Jira tutorial



Project reporting webinar



Agile, hybrid, or waterfall Project Manager? What exactly should you study?

Now, which project management tutorials to focus on and which to skip, depending on whether you practice a hybrid, waterfall, or agile project management? Have a look at this training plan as a starting point.

Example 1 – a free video webinar: Say, you want a tutorial on Risks. Just look up ‘jira bigpicture risks’ on Google, and you’ll spot a four-minute free video, recorded by our support team member.

Example 2 – in-depth tutorials: Email us at, to purchase a series of longer tutorial videos recorded by an experienced Jira BigPicture trainer.

Agile Hybrid Waterfall Extended
Overview module: creating portfolios, programs, phases, ARTs, PIs, Iterations yes yes yes
Program and Portfolio in BigPicture – different approaches and recommended setup yes
Gantt chart yes yes
Gantt chart module key points and use cases yes
Scoping a project (work breakdown structure) yes yes yes
Keep BigPicture in sync with Jira. Automatic synchronization for Gantt chart, Scope, and Board 2.0 modules yes yes yes
Agile schedule for Board 2.0, Roadmap and Gantt modules yes yes
Resources Module and Team Module with administration settings influencing capacity and skills yes yes
Resources module key points and use cases yes
Risks matrix yes yes
Roadmap of a project yes yes
Program board, dependency board yes yes
Reports module yes yes
SAFe® approach key modules and how to use them yes
BigPicture Enterprise features explained yes
BigPicture Admin and Jira Admin settings; Security settings yes yes yes

Or learn by yourself. You can try BigPicture 30 days for free and play with the included sample dataset.


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