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Sep 02

Jira-Trello integration under BigPicture 8 project management “umbrella”

Jira Trello integrationWouldn’t it be great to let your teams keep the tools they love, such as Trello? Yet still benefit from Gantt charts, Resources, Roadmaps, and Risks, and other project management tools. This article is about the Jira-Trello integration that BigPicture 8 brings to the table. How is the new Jira-Trello interface distinct from what the market already offers? What is the “umbrella” project portfolio management? Specifically, how does the bridge tackle Trello boards, cards, lists, checklists, and checklist items?

Why would you even need Jira-Trello integration?

The daunting task of integration is done for a reason. Organizations tend to elect their ‘chief’ tool, usually Jira. Then they oversee all their activities in that core tool. “We let teams keep their beloved Trello if they have to” – this sort of thinking. The gap here is that both Jira and Trello are task managers – the former very powerful, configurable, yet complex, and the latter – extremely user friendly. However, both Jira and Trello are missing something. Namely, the project manager’s staples, such as portfolio overview, Gantt charts, WBS-es, program boards, roadmaps, risk matrices, and resource management.

At this point, BigPicture 8 steps in with (1) all the PM tooling and (2) the Jira-Trello interface. Two in one.


BigPicture Jira Trello integration

Establishing a connection between Trello and a BigPicture Box (~program).

One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many – all sorts of Trello-Jira connections are feasible with BigPicture 8. With the many-to-one setup, for instance, you could have a number of Trello boards in the scope of a single Jira-BigPicture program.

Follow this simple BigPicture 8 workflow:

1. Connect a Trello account to a BigPicture Box (~project) to have the following Trello artifacts available in the scope of the Box 2. Now, manage your Trello cards using the following BigPicture modules
  • Trello boards
  • Trello cards
  • lists
  • checklists
  • checklist items
  • start and end dates, labels, assignee.
    Note that the start date is only there in Trello if you have the BigPicture power-up installed.
  • Gantt charts
  • Scope (WBS)
  • Visual roadmap
  • Program Board
  • Risks
  • Resources
  • Program Increment/Iteration-level Reports


Have a look at this example. We’ll sync the Trello board with Jira BigPicture.

Trello board to be synced with Jira


We have set BigPicture structure builders (available in Program configuration > Tasks > Task structure) so that the hierarchical tree in BigPicture builds on that Trello board, and then on the lists available within that board. Pictured below is the BigPicture’s Scope module. You can easily switch to, say, Gantt charts, and manage your whole Trello universe there.

Jira work breakdown structure with Trello cards


Can a single BigPicture Box/program/project consist of both Jira issues and Trello cards?

Yes, you can combine both in the scope of a BigPicture Box (what is a Box?).

Can I edit a Trello card with Jira-BigPicture?

Yes, the Jira-Trello integration is bidirectional. A project manager can inline-edit a Trello card in Jira BigPicture’s Gantt chart, for example, and the concerned Trello-based team will have the edits reflected in their Trello board.

Any limitations?

At the time of writing, you couldn’t create new Trello cards from within the BigPicture context. You still need to log into your Trello to a add new card. Also, to be able to search through cards, you need to report back to Trello.



BigPicture for Jira vs. Trello BigPicture

BigPicture for Jira is a plugin available from Atlassian Marketplace, while Trello BigPicture is a power-up. BigPicture for Jira is a way more sophisticated, professional app than BigPicture for Trello, the latter having just Gantt charts. Chronologically, BigPicture for Jira was born in 2014, BigPicture for Trello in 2018, while the Jira-Trello integration, available within the former – in 2020. Starting version 8, the BigPicture for Jira begins its journey towards an “umbrella” portfolio management app. Why?

While BigPicture 8 continues to be an app living on top of Jira, beginning version 8, you can connect an unlimited number of Trello accounts to BigPicture Boxes (~containers, projects). Subsequently, you’ll also be able to add extra Jira Cloud / Server instances, as well as Azure DevOps Server, and source tasks from there.

Another question: does it make sense to install both BP for Jira and BP for Trello? Yes, and for various reasons. But if we were to indicate the only one, then it would be the much more mature Jira BigPicture. For its portfolio management orientation, and for the palette of tools applicable to the agile, waterfall, and hybrid teams – Gantt charts, Scope, Roadmaps, Program Boards, Resources, Risks, Calendars, and Reports.

Future integrations in BigPicture

Other than Trello, Jira Cloud / Server, and Azure DevOps, more integrations are on the way. BigPicture will someday “talk” to Rally Software, and perhaps to Google Calendar.


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