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Shape the future of BigPicture

What is BigLab?

An initiative where you can participate in our user experience sessions to discover the latest ideas at BigPicture. At BigLab you can get early access to the latest features and the opportunity to improve the current ones.


Join the BigLab

Fill in the survey and tell us something more about yourself! Get familiar with our Privacy policy first and make sure we are protecting your data.


Test new features

We will invite you to take part in some tests, interviews, and surveys. We will adjust the research topics according to your interests.


Get rewards!

As the Lab’er, you’ll get early access to the newest features, the ability to improve current ones, and–of course– to the SWAGS!


Is the BigLab free of charge?

Yes, being the BigPicture LAB participant is FREE!

How does the research look like?

The research includes usability testing, surveys, online workshops, and 1×1 interviews. All you need is a computer.

How will you use my personal data?

The information you provide will only be used to match you with suitable research activities and won’t be shared or sold to third parties. See our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Do I have to live in a particular country to be a participant?

No, you don’t have to. The research takes place online, so you can take part without leaving home.

How often does the research take place?

The research will take place rather irregularly, usually once every few months, and we’ll invite only selected people to it.

Can I leave the LAB without any consequences?

Yes, but you can always come back to us. We’ll be happy if you give us the reasons for leaving so that BigLab will be constantly improving.

Forge the future of BigPicture

Eager for more features? Join the BigLab today and have an impact.