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What to expect at META-INF Atlassian Day?

Meta-Inf Atlassian Day recpetion

META-INF Atlassian Day visitors are checking in.

It was the third META-INF Atlassian Day and probably the most important Jira- and Confluence-related event in Hungary. In 2018 we noticed significant improvements and there were more project managers, Jira admins and app developers than in 2017. So what to expect during META-INF Atlassian Day in Budapest?

For who?

META-INF Atlassian Day gathers (1) Project managers, (2) Jira admins, and (3) Jira apps developers – in this order. This is predominantly a Hungarian-speaking event, but English is widely understood. We, BigPicture developers, easily chatted with guests and delivered our “Think BIG – Enterprise Scale Project Portfolio Management” presentation.

Who are the guests? We are aware of the Finance sector and Nokia being represented.


2020 META-INF Atlassian Day

Virtual edition took place on June, 9-11. SoftwarePlant’s Lukasz Romaniuk gave a 30-minute presentation on BigPicture 8 and its revolutionary Project Portfolio Management. Marek Lewandowski had a 1-hour BigPicture 8 demo session.

META-INF Virtual Atlassian Day 2020, SoftwarePlant speakers

SoftwarePlant’s Lukasz Romaiuk and Marek Lewandowski talked on New, flexible Portfolio Management [Boxes] in BigPicture 8.

2019 edition

Took place in Budapest on June 05-06, 2019. BigPicture participated.


2018 Meta-Inf Atlassian Day in brief

  • Two days, 6-7.06.2018, family atomsphere
  • Dürer Event Center (Dürer Rendezvényház), Ajtósi Dürer sor 19.-21., Budapest, 1146
  • More guests than in 2017
  • META-INF polished the formula of the event
  • Guests can vote during the event using their mobile devices
  • SoftwarePlant/BigPicture/BigGantt won “Steal the show” contest and we were handed a bottle of Pálinka, Hungarian fruit brandy
  • Vendors and lecturers present: Adaptavist, Atlas Authority, Comalatech, Deviniti, META-INF, SoftwarePlant, StiltSoft, Tempo
  • Other presenters from:  Aegon Magyarország Biztosító, Budapest Bank, CodeCanvas, Forest Therapy, KM EXPERT, Liferay, NI Hungary, NNG,, Wunderplan
  • The vendor booths were located in the very same room that housed all the lectures – a beneficial set-up compared to many Jira events in Western Europe which tend to separate Atlassian Partners from where the action takes place
  • The only Atlassian-related event we are aware of that practices group photos :)
  • A party afterwards, this year in a vintage Ikarus bus in the very same conference center. In 2017 META-INF team invited us to river Danube cruise


Meta Inf Atlassian Day group photo

Group photo, as usual at META-INF Atlassian Day ;)


Free or paid event?

META-INF Atlassian Day is a paid event both for project managers and for Atlassian Partners. Admissions vary, but to give you an idea, a Late Bird single day admission set you back ~117€ and  two-day ticket cost roughly 196€ in 2018. This included lectures, a lunch, dinner, and a visitor’s t-shirt. In 2018 they sold separate 69€ tickets for selected workshops, but with ≥500-user licence you might as well have been permitted to Data Center workshop for free. The workshop fees seemed to be legit as the participants are few, META-INF supplied test environment and you truly got an opportunity to practice.

They ended selling Early Bird tickets 42 days before the event. Smart Bird admissions were offered up to 8 days before the META-INF Atlassian Day.



Meta-Inf Atlassian Day SoftwarePlant

BigPicture / BigGantt / SoftwarePlant team won “Steal the Show” competition. We delivered “Think Big – Enterprise Scale Project Portfolio Management” presentation.


Meta-Inf Atlassian Day, vendors perspective, audience

A vendor’s perspective. The Atlassian Partners’ booths were just behind where the guests were sitting.


Budapest foodtruck

Lunch and dinner were included in the admission. We are unable to recon whether they served langos on that foodtruck.


Voting Meta Inf Atlassian Day

Guests could vote, but sometimes the choice was limited.


Meta-Inf Atlassian Day resources BigPicture presentation

Resource management was the center of attention at 2018 Meta-Inf Atlassian Day and BigPicture is a leading resource management app for Jira.


Ping-pong table tenni Meta-Inf team

Play table tennis with META-INF team.


Jira toasts

JIra toasts were served between the lectures.

About Meta-Inf

META-INF is an Atlassian Platinum Partner, based in Budapest, Hungary, founded 2002. Our company portfolio is very simple: we do everything that is related to Atlassian and its products [Jira, Confluence, HipChat] and we do not undertake projects we cannot fulfill with Atlassian tools. So simple. META-INF prints best value in bold.


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