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May 30

Multiplayer arena battles with BigPicture

Recently we were contacted by a cool fellow – Kevin. He’s a software engineer, currently completing his final year at the Queensland University of Technology. Kevin works part time doing contract work as a full stack developer ( He has been working on startups also in the part time with several different companies, including ‘meVu’, ‘Zippity’ and ‘Equezone’. His specialty is software architecture and the development of application systems.

Kevin’s final year project is a game called ‘Haelroth’ which is competitive multiplayer arena battles. This project goes until the end of year where he and the team hope to release the game to the open market. The team was looking for extended management functionalities for people contributing to ‘Haelroth’ , but needed it to integrate into JIRA itself. There were a few options that were compared at the time, however after trying out each one it was clear that BigPicture was the right choice.


BigPicture was functionally working beautifully, with a clean and easy to use user interface. To Kevin, user interface is very important , and ultimately was the deciding factor in choosing BigPicture. A few other technologies were either buggy, couldn’t provide what he was after, or were just simply ugly to use. While the team may not be very big, they are still able to make really good use of the software through planning their project timeline and deadlines.

Some of the problems that Kevin had before implementing BigPicture were:

  • Not being able to visually graph the project timeline
  • Unable to easily plan what needed to be done in order to achieve the team’s goals.


BigPicture was able to solve these 100%, as he notes. The tool is used by everyone on the team, in the following positions:

  • Project Manager / Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Modeler / Animator
  • Modeler / Animator
  • Artist / Software Engineer
  • Game Designer

Everyone likes the ease of use, many functionalities and ability to export their work into offline documents.


“I found this software to be really cool and useful. Using it for my studies and games project I was able to easily integrate into Jira and manage my team even further, and keep track of the project deadlines. The Gantt chart was specifically special to us as we used this feature the most.”

Kevin Upton, Project Manager, ‘Haelroth’

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We're SoftwarePlant team. We're striving to make Jira, Trello, Google Calendar and 'you name it' task management software talk to each other, and at the speed of light. We will one day unite them all. When the dream comes true will you still need any 'uber-software', other than BigPicture, to manage projects?