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Jul 26

What Portfolio Management App for Technology R&D, Healthcare, Transportation, Automotive, and Manufacturing?

Portfolio management app tree

Have you ever had a thought that Jira doesn’t fit your industry? People struggle to adjust Jira to their industry, as it is deservedly the most popular issue tracker in the world. Jira alone is popular with Software, Professional Services, Media & Communication, Education, Healthcare1 (intangible product, agile practices). Why is Jira believed to be limited to IT departments and those few industries? What three qualities can make Jira a universal project management tool, suitable for just about any industry, including manufacturing, automotive, or R&D?

This is what we hear from our clients a lot: (1) a customizable work breakdown structure would work wonders. Only second to that are (2) mid-to-high-level project portfolio management, and (3) support for predictive, agile, and hybrid methodologies. These three qualities would make Jira applicable to nearly all industries. Is there a Jira extension that supplements 1, 2, and 3?

Jira + BigPicture kit sort of reprofiles Jira. It makes the product of Atlassian accessible to non-technical departments and also to teams of the tangible product industries. For manufacturing, utilities, leisure sectors, and even the construction industry, BigPicture makes Jira a viable project management solution.

Review the below real-life uses of Jira + BigPicture toolset in a variety of sectors.

Technology / R&D

—We feel BigPicture (…) will make it a lot easier to substitute someone in case of an absence. Additionally, thanks to the BigPicture add-on, the manager can see the status of the project in a glimpse of an eye. BigPicture allowed me to develop as a Project Manager. I’m now able to fully understand, control, and fulfill the Customer’s needs. It supports my efficiency – says an electronics industry senior project manager.

Project schedule EMS, electronics manufacturer

Figure 2. Gantt module of BigPicture used by an industrial electronics manufacturer



—With the BigPicture add-on integrated into Jira software, our PMPs are gaining greater clarity and deeper insight into project timelines, risks, and resource bottlenecks than ever before – says a manager in a healthcare institution.

Resource planning in healthcare industry

Figure 3. Resources module of BigPicture used in a healthcare project


Risks matrix healthcare institution

Figure 4. Risks module of BigPicture used by a healthcare institution. Note that you can redesign risk cards (bottom-right corner)



—We wanted to benefit from the work we were already used to, putting every project, task, and epic in Jira and just syncing them to the tool. And the best agile-compatible Gantt chart with detailed roadmapping and full sync was BigPicture Enterprise – says a transportation company tech manager.

Agile Gantt chart transportation industry

Figure 5. Modern Gantt module of BigPicture with ‘Time boxes’ overlay enabled.



—I always used to plan and organize projects in a third-party tool before implementing the tasks to Jira. BigPicture closes the gap between the strong priority-driven task management in Jira and a visual project + resource planning and reporting with the user-friendly, yet powerful plugin BigPicture – says a CIO at a manufacturing company.

manufacturing industry - Gantt chart, task dependencies, resources

Figure 6. Plan with dependencies in the Gantt chart with resources pane activated (bottom).



—BigPicture instance has been configured with Jira acting as the single source of truth about development activities – says a PMI-RMP at a technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO, and engineering services vendor.

Software company portfolio of agile, classic, and hybrid projects

Figure 7. Portfolio of IT projects in the Overview module of BigPicture.



—To synchronize development teams with business goals (…) we looked for an additional tool on top of our existing Jira. We were looking for a tool that would smoothly integrate with our existing Atlassian infrastructure, and which would give us long-term planning capability – says a CTO at an automotive company.

Roadmap for an automotive company

Figure 8. BigPicture Roadmap employed by an automotive concern.



—Jira’s presence in the manufacturing industry, at one organization or another, does not imply that Atlassian had designed its flagship product for the manufacturing operations. More often than not it was the IT department or a software development team that brought Jira to, say, an automotive company – says Jerzy Sekula, product manager at BigPicture. —Once the customizable WBS and the support for hybrid project management arrives with BigPicture – that instantly lets manufacturing and financial organizations into the Atlassian ecosystem.

BigPicture is a rare example of versatility in the Atlassian ecosystem. The app targets all sectors of the economy by:

  • supporting agile, and hybrid, and predictive project management methodologies
  • being a PPM tool and not just a project management tool
  • allowing custom work breakdown structures. Each sector and industry can quickly design its own tree-like WBS with custom naming, for instance ‘illness’ task type in healthcare, etc. ;)

1 Who uses Jira?


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